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i like cartoons and boys
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hi long time
! my tablet was broken so i had to buy new parts ! back ... im back aa
And i fixed the background :)
:) good night
thanks wowie !!! i left this alone for a while i didn't realize i hit another goal !!! wow im gonna work to put out some new pages to make up for how long ive been gone uvu !! and thanks to those who wished me luck on finals !
Sorry its been so long !! ah finals are ending soon so ill be able to do more ! im gonna sketch some pages out so that i can upload them faster !! ~ thanks for sticking w me omg i didn't realize i hit 2k fans ill do something special !! <3
!! happy day after thanksgiving heha have a page that indicates actual sad plotline aah
have a safe one !! :)
@sspacedragon: yeahuh !!! ;9
!! :) im back .. i ran out of sketched pages so its time to do some more !!
@redleaveshavefallen: i try to make it relatable ;9 !!!!! hehe im glad u like it .. <3 !!
@maxfields: i think its just you :'/ thanks for telling me though !! <3
@minementis: yyyYYEAH >O< !!! haa yeah i get uncomfortable when theres trans representation but its not positive !!! im glad u like it uvu !! <3
aaand here <3
SORRY AGAIN FOR THE WAIT i feel so bad im gonna do another 1 right now heha ;v; i have like 5 pages sketched out in pencil its just a matter of finishing them digitally tbh !!! hope i didnt lose you guys <3
!!! oh gosh u all are so supportive thanks foR the comments on the lAst page oh gosh..... ;v; im going to a con so no more pages until next week probably !!~
oH MY GOD IM SO SORRY ITS LIT BEEN A MONTH IM SORRy.... ;-; school starts this tuesday i wanna try and get a few more pages done before then !! but ive been p busy and lacking motivation- but things get more interesting now ill have more fun drawing :) !! c u next water time lmao
<3 no kissus yet were gettin there though ;p
sorry for the wait ;v; !! ill see if i can finish something for the 1.5k thing today aah
okay !! i will do some goofy fluffy scenes for you in a couple days or so, sound good n_n ??!