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Yaoi+Fluff....enough said.
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;) and you know what happens when two friends meet after growing up....things get "interesting" if you know what I mean
like you said its a isn't real and its YOUR story not theirs..(whoever they are?)so do as you please and don't listen to them! your story is going great and anyone that has a problem with it should simply not read it. :) sorry for all the haters but I guess every story has them
Lol the pills look kinda like beans!
I'm very grateful for yaoi!! With out it I'd have absolutely no life :'(
I think it'd end up being a little more then a make out session lol ;3
August 10th, 2014
You have a pet chicken...awesome!
Yes, finally you updated! Thank you so much, I've been dying to read more of your comic. But keep up the good work, its looking great.