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"Before you can see the light, you have to deal with the darkness."
Hi! :D How are you?
The panels on the second half of this page look really cool! Also the background coloring in the first two panels really makes the blood and Ada's eyes stand out!

I really like this webcomic so far~
Happy new year! Hopefully 2019 will be a good year~
December 10th, 2018
He deserved to be thrown out the window!
The first panel looks so detailed! *.*

Also, just letting you know you uploaded this page twice.
@Fujoshi Bitch: I'm thinking that's Set, not Osiris.
@Guest: Ganache is (as far as I know) basically a chocolate frosting.

Bokyurah needs warm blankets and a salty chocolate bar. 'Cause, she's going insane here. Iten didn't ask to wake up in a trash can covered in bacon grease.
September 21st, 2016
@Elaienar: What's missing...? Huh... The heart rod thingy, maybe?
@SkyHooves: If I remember correctly, Iten doesn't only have two different colored eyes but his eyes are different types as well. Which makes it even more interesting why no one has pointed this out.
That soup is death -- except it's an edible version!
September 11th, 2016
Noooooooo... It's almost over...
Ah well, at least it'll end and not be dropped. :D (I hope)
Hmm... Maybe the spell was put on him by his father or Lark? Or maybe he put the spell on himself?
I wonder if it has something to do with the memory wall in the beginning and that strange person thingy there...
That is like, adorable. Where can I get one? :D
I just read the entirety of this comic in one sitting and all I can say is, amazing. I loved everything about this comic and will definitely come back and reread this one day. Thank you for creating and posting such an amazing comic and actually finishing it.

As for this mysterious voice, I'm going to believe that it's Joey. :D
@rym218: I just flipped through some manga I have offhand and yeah, some of them use the continuous character with a different background/character positions. Most of the time they're drawn over the panel lines though. But if it has a name, I don't know it.
Wait, we're betting? Well, I say the shinx ends up naming itself.
@Flamelight7: Nah, it should be Golbas!
@KLSeunnapha: It's fine, we can wait! Hopefully you can get the program fixed soon. Batch updates are fun because there`s a lot of pages uploaded~

That lady wants a time traveler, how fortunate for her that there's one right behind her! Though, she doesn't know this...
Those last two panels made me choke on the water I was drinking. XD
So many people have their birthday today! XD
Well, Happy Birthday!