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If I commetn on every comic post then it adds


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What's Going On
Somehow, our favorite main character changes! And he's just as confused as the people viewing this!
I'm Back
Probably won't be making more comics consistently, but it's great that I've added new elements each comic right? It's like the original nuzlocke on drugs but at half the story progression!
the bulbasaur page was an actual failed run cause i thought triple leer would make pound easier to use.
dank that run was over already. OR WAS IT THE COMIC ISNT COMPLETE!!
I still can't believe they cancelled GGLAS
Well ya what did you expect from a nobody.
The point.
This comic really has no point and is mostly thought of at night and drawn at night with no second thoughts. And no regrets. They exist but I pretend they're not there. Ok bye.
What mean to ask is, If the sheep squints, does it see you as a cloud?
I felt like I shouldn't rush the slime so I stalled and it was extremely pointless, and I feel ashamed. :'(
This will probably go nowhere but everyone starts somewhere, right?