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Not to mention... should never judge a book by its cover.
Someone's gonna get nailed.
Yeah, they're gonna have to glue you back together... IN ROBOT HELL!
At least it wasn't a "splat!".
To the robot
You're going to hurt yourself doing that.
...and all the rest come after you.
Well, that's just not fair at all.
Looks like we're in biiiiig trouble...
Just speculation...
Maybe Ilsina was on Air Florida Flight 90?
I don't think they would've turned back anyway.
@daichiazure: Were you trying to direct that at me or Gmac?
I think they're being watched.
@Gmac: Kotomi doesn't know that... yet?
Hopefully, none of them have any bread.
@Guest: We'll have to wait and see.
@Guest: What do you mean by Kotomi "be[ing] with them in the next comic"?
Let's get going; there's no time to lose!
Obvious trap, huh? ... Let's go in!
I have a prediction about what will happen by the end of the chapter, but I won't tell anyone.
Fine time to find that out
If only she had known that during the were-plushie takeover at the fair.