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@Guest: Doh! You're right of course. Misremembered an important factoid, thanks. Still, would not want to piss of the Queen's right hand either.
Grand Kids
Soooo correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Tirin the queen's grand daughter? This being the case, who's gonna risk getting on the bad side of grandma by killing Tirin? Oh yeah I know, Vay society supposed to be all objective and warrior code like, but that ain't "real polotik". Granny wouldn't take any direct action, but you have to know that who ever offed Tirin would be getting every shit job and overly dangerous mission for the rest of her short life.
@Guesticus: Hmm, you'd have to give a specific example before I might agree with you. Certainly I see none such existing the USA that would be legal. Other nations especially in the Middle East and Asia certainly, including outright chattel slavery. The latter being the case with the Vay where males seem to have no rights whatsoever and may be used and abuse as the owner pleases. I kinda interested in seeing how the Vay maintain their dominance as in every slave society there is always rebel element. More so in this case as in our species the male has always been the dominant part due to hereditary evolution. There are several ways the Vay may have gotten around this from genetics to technology(although usually always a way around tech). One way is to keep the male population at such a relatively low level that revolt is almost impossible. One male can service a lot of females as procreation is concerned.
@Dragonrider: "Time enough for Love". One of his best although most disturbing regarding sexual mores.
Grrr Slavery
I'm beginning to have a real dislike for the Vay. I have a very Heinleinesque attitude towards slavery.
(re: a slave proctor) "I spaced the bastard! What did you expect me to do, kiss him? Right out of the airlock, that away, pissing blood".
This institution is one of the abominations that still exists in this world and should not. Poor Billy.
@Dragonrider: D'accord DR I quite agree. We'll have to wait in rapt anticipation to see how this all plays out.
@Dragonrider: So what you're saying is that Tirin is basically a "Mary Sue" type that can never be beaten or lose a fight? Look, I understand that Billy's nanos gave her access to future Tirins memories and knowledge, but that does not translate into training and practice on the mat. There is a reason why I mentioned 'muscle memory' (MM). Tirin is a 12 year old with about 6 years of effective training. Falina seems at least 10 to 15 years older and it seems fair to assume that she began training at roughly the same age. Sure a peanut martial artist can take on an untrained wookie, it happens all the time especially in demos and exhibitions, seen it often. Let put it like this: Take a fairly athletic 21 year old with a high degree of intelligence and a very good memory. One day he decides to take up Muay Thai and gets several book from beginners to advanced forms. He spends a week reading and memorizing the forms, katas and techniques and even practices a few moves. He then goes down to a local dojo and challenges a guy of about his weight who's been practicing and training all his life. Who do you think is gonna come out on top? Again, I have to stress the size, reach and strength difference which are very real factors in combat. Steve is going to take this where he will, but I'd like to think that Tirin will learn a very valuable lesson if she gets her ass handed to her by challenging Falina.
Tirin vs Falina
Just an observation: So far Tirin's gotten in a couple of free shots at Falina, but nothing close to an all out in your face fight. While it's apparent that Tirin has been trained by her father in all sorts of hand to hand mayhem, it's a safe bet that Falina, growing up in an Amazonian martial society has pretty much the same type of training. Oh sure there's obviously going go be differences in style but here's the kicker: Falina has age(read muscle memory) height, reach, mass and strength over Tirin. There is a reason why there are weight classes in competitive martial arts across the board. All things being equal regarding training, I would not want to see Tirin go full out in a one on one against Falina, she's too far out of her class. Of course Steve, the creative God of this 'verse has the final say. BTW really like the story line so far.
Haha, that's the kind of meaningless question asked by a finite mind to the infinite mind.
@Carlos.g: I don't know whether you are ignorant, being deliberately obtuse or just trolling your own comic. You stereotyped bank owners as being blond, white, Caucasian, that's a bit ethnic. FYI every nation in the world has banks even communist, dictatorship, socialist, etc. Almost all banks are corporations owned by stockholders with the exception of state owned banks (Central bank of North Korea If this strip is trying to make a political or a funny point regarding banks it falls far short of the mark. If you're expressing your own POV then it seems you have little understanding of the world of finance and banking. In any case, Cottontail is really cute albeit very judgmental .