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@Ruby sparkz: Caramel is heated sugar, dulce de leche (can be kinda translated to "sweet milk") is basically heated sweetened milk, that becomes firmer. It's like... Honey and maple syrup. Similar but different.
@Hiddenfolk: Especially when he's most likely not even aware of trolls
February 27th, 2018
Aww, he's worried about the cop :c
Is he teary or angry? It looks a bit like he's emotional about this. "You found my weapons. I'm so proud" came up to my head for some reason, although that's a wrong image I presume x D
@waving_cheshire: Maybe because he hadn't come back for so long, afraid that they'd not accept him back, and yet everyone seems to be happy that he has finally returned
@Hiddenfolk: Even with drinking water, especially from a waterfall
Let's hope Cal doesn't kill anyone... Or himself
Special porn that would be to have it closed so securely... Maybe very good porn? Or illegal... Probably something else though. We'll see
Is that a penis next to the radio or am I just dirty minded?
@Hiddenfolk: Discovering what's behind there would be cool. But yeah, my greatest problem is being wet. I'm like a cat and can't stand wet clothes...
I'd die if I had to do that...
February 4th, 2018
Someone's really determined X D
As you do... That's how you drink from a waterfall. Obviously...
I've read every page there was. What now? D:
@Hiddenfolk: That's why I decided to check. Was currious if it will foreshadow the deaths and was wondering if suddenly there will be one less because of Caroline. Now as I read I will continuously check up if there are any changes. Great comic by the way! Just started reading it but it's really interesting
50 people have died so far : I
January 29th, 2018
@unknown-phenomenon: Unfortunately my feelings are more - Hungry undead biting, not sexy foreplay biting
January 27th, 2018
Why do I get a feeling there will be some biting involved... Don't know, might be just the late hour
January 25th, 2018
@Kotokot: Basically most of the beginning of their run, to the point where they realize they were left behind :3