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@Eab Emie: Prob his shitty BF was expecting a full on porn star noises and told him he is too quiet
September 20th, 2019
Wow, what a gorgeous creature. You drew it so well D:
Oh no, don't you dare keep on trying my man >:I You had so many chances, stop messing with the poor boys head.
Can't wait for more!
Because there is not a thing that comes with 100% no risks. So I guess just enjoy yourself, you gotta die of something~ (Joking, stay safe kids ;-;)
It's so weird seeing a different side to Jesse. He can be so cute too
Well, I feel like back in the lectures. This sounded spot on like my lecturer from the "Deviance" module
@SomiJuli: this "crapy" doodle is better then what I'd do if I tried hard x D I think it's really cute. Get better, we will wait even an extra week! Your health is most important
March 20th, 2019
@Auldr: Haven't though of that, but yes, you are most likely right. Not everybody keeps a male animal (bull, goat etc)
March 15th, 2019
@BananaMuffinPop: Or he was raped himself ;-;
November 24th, 2018
Is this meant to mean "jackass"?
It was kinda bad... Like... The dramatic scenes were just... yeah, I had the same reaction (I'm talking bout batman vs superman)
October 30th, 2018
I love her, and I feel sorry for the guy
October 30th, 2018
Doonuut T^T
@xX-Ghost-Xx: Still a lion trans is a worse option, no matter who it is
Tbh Connor is lucky that only toys were used on him and not a big lion transformation
Hope wolf boy doesn't die :c
So I was kinda right? Don't know... Poor Cokey :C Wolfie is a poor boy too : /
June 2nd, 2018
@Kotokot: I know D: You wouldn't expect, but already at the beginning of May when I went for a holiday to Poland I thought I would die.
Love the scene where he is jumping onto the swing. It looks so cool
@Apollo-Pop: Well technically it isn't really consent if he's... How do you say it... Well, it's like he's under the influence of aphrodisiac, right? Or does he really like the demon? Either way, thumbs up for trying to appease to your readers (although that doesn't always work).
Enjoy your vacation! I just came back from a week in Italy, it was amazing and I kept on following poor little lizards hoping one of them would turn into a cute little ginger vampire.
Just read this page and did not expect this to happen. Can't wait for the events to unfold!