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Hey look, it's your old pal chimy!
Anyways, amazing job on the comic PEV! Your art really has improved!
Haha! I'm still here!
Huehuehue... I still read this, you know.
Glad to see Frost, Ali, and Sparkles again (I did submit them, and I'm really happy to see them used after all.) I'm curious about this new eevee August. Wonder how the bells will tie into the plot. Beautiful job as always, Pinkeevee!
Maybe we could get a reveal of what the eevee detective agency is about? I'm kinda curious about Archie's files.
Quick question about the rules
@Pinkeevee222: What's the list of characters we can ask things about? Obviously, we can't ask about Sky, but what about Night? Sora? Any other mons in the series that seem mysterious?
I think I found the problem.
@Pinkeevee222: I think a problem I see in the comments section is RP's. That seems to blow the comment section up.
So, the next following segment is for all of the RPers in the comments section.

Guys, honestly, don't. You can see many people only comment once or twice, spesifically about the comic. That's what the comment section should be. Not a place to RP. There are websites for that. Not every place you can leave a comment is for RPing.
Just... There are websites where you can RP as a pokemon. Carry out your RP's there, please.

I do love RPing as much as the next guy, but you don't see me RP here for a REASON. This is for speaking about the comic, maybe with ideas about the plot. If you think you have a theory for the plot, then go ahead. Comment away. But, this is not the proper place to RP.
@Blitz Striker: We are very sorry :c
@Marlows59: am I the only one who's going to choose Popplio? Okay, I'll go back in the "Nobody likes that starter" Box...
*Desperately holds doors shut*

*grabs a red tunic*

@Pinkeevee222: The comic is tomorrow, and if you don't have any backround eevees (that have not been used yet) mentioned, you can always just pick random eevees. Just saying.


@Pinkeevee222: All right! Gonna work on it now... Hehe.
@Pinkeevee222: I got it! I'll start drawing that quality, (As I don't want to attempt to draw with a mouse... *Shivers*) And should I colour it? And what exactly would you want the guest comic to be about?
Yo Pinkeevee!
Is it okay if I traditionally draw it, then scan it for a guest comic? Because if we get to do that, I can make a submission..
@Pinkeevee222: Ha-HAH! IM 15 NOW! AN EXCEPTION! WOO!
But seriously, I agree. We should stop blowing up the comments section :/
@Eeveemaster523: Haha,
Frost, Ali, or Sparkles might be up to something....
Cloud, Mari, Astro, and Luca.
18 Jan 2014 10:08 am
Whoops. Didn't read the comments. Sorry
@KayleeTheEevee : *sniffle*
I was one of the people who voted for random eevee...
I is sad now.