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woot woot
back in the real world. can't wait to see whats happening here now that 2+ weeks have gone by
Sooo Cute
Her reaction. Can't wait for more!
Sooo Cute
She is so embarrassed.
SOOOOO Dream walking is a power?? and if so then who has this power...I don't see it being either Wallis or Harold. OR ANYONE with powers that we have seen so far...WITH POWERS ~*EYE'ING CREATOR*~ LOL
The Clothes
I really love Wallis' clothes they seem soooo~ mystic
Red Oath
The first thing i thought of was the Red Lantern Oath. Fairly sure thats copyrighted though. Can't wait for more.
Is this a dream?
Is this a dream or what happen next? How did she not notice the kid versions but then can tell that this is Wallis but with a different style
After Thought
Is it just me or does Wallis' clothes seem to have a "nightsky" type of look; and what i mean by that is that it looks like its made of the nightsky itself.
Romantic Moment
Wallis leans in slow. ~Cheek to Cheek~ and whispers in her ear. "Wake Up".
mental breakdown
is this a mental breakdown or what?
My mind
My mind is so full of (chicken), yes chicken don't put words into my mouth. I'm loving it. BUT WHATS GOING ON!
I so confused. What is going on. I feel like I'm missing something very simple.
so cute
They all look so cute as a group together