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I work in a Borrow Place and draw life-like depictions of the noteworthy goings-on, modified to protect the innocent. Also, I like Japan and all things Japanese. And occasionally I do things like write, read, play Final Fantasy Whatnot, eat sugary things, pet cats, etc.
It kinda goes without saying that shopping is happening. I'm not a big enough otaku to be lapping up akihabara and all the anime and gaming stuff. But I have my other hobbies and habits to support.
They sell all sorts of surreal stuff and anime figures and cell phone charms in these things. I love them.
Taking a bath with strangers isn't as bad as it sounds. They have all sorts of varieties and mineral baths, jet bubble baths, and the occasional electric jolt bath. Not too expensive for an authentic Japanese experience and a good way to end the day.
I'm a bit of a foodie, and I love Japanese food. And it's not all ramen and sushi, ya know. But those are good, too.
If you like going to parks in your everyday life, you might as well hit the parks in your vacation destination. Tokyo is not all city, oddly enough. And you need a break from the masses now and then. Parks are a definite must.
Tokyo Central Library
I'm prioritizing my to-do list for my Tokyo trip. #1 is the central public library in Japan. Yes, I know that would not be your first priority, maybe your 5788th priority. I'm a librarian and I like to scope out the parallel work universe.
Japan Plan
The fun part is planning. Where do I want to go? I love Google Maps- you can tack up all the places ahead of time, open up another tab to use street view and see exactly where you're supposed to be and how to get there.
Maybe going to Japan alone is actually a great idea. I can go where I want, leave when I want, take a nap, smell the roses, wake up whenever.
I'll be behind the wheel this time.
Zen Times at historic villa in Nikko
Nikko is an awesome place, an ancient town with historic buildings and temples and a drainage canal system that looks like it was built in the time of samurai. I went solo to this place because I wasn't feeling up to the mountain climbing with my friends. Part of what made it special was being alone and appreciating it at my own pace.
Tokyo Godiva
This was my first trip in 2011- the Godiva at the end of that famous fashion street in Harajuku. Takeshita Dori, I think. Anyway...Godiva + green tea....<3
So Maybe Traveling Alone is Good
Well, I've been having trouble finding a travel partner to go to Japan with me this time around. But looking back at my last 2 trips...some of the best times I had were when I was alone. Like discovering a gourmet store. I'm a bit of a foodie.
Can't Keep Up
If you travel in a busy city with athletic people, you may...fall behind.
Yeah, the whole getting up at 6:00 am and getting back to the hotel at 10:00 pm thing just...sucked. That is because I am lazy. And a napper.
This is why a vacation is needed.
Work is nuts. Vacation required. My happy place: Japan.
Be on time like your life depended on it
There was once an early borrow place at an abbey in the mountains. The most superior monk of the 4 professional monks was called the Abbot, and his ways were strict. When a novice was late to attend his shift by only 1 minute, he was made to do the Penance of Uncomfortable Spikes. The method employed cannot be described lest I shatter your fragile sensibilities. The lesson here is that you don't mess with tired people.
Waiting for Relief
It's a common bad habit among borrow professionals to truncate and otherwise provide brief answers to patron questions when it's past time to be relieved from their shift. This is only natural if one has spent the past hour or two bouncing pinball like from checkout to catching line 2 before it rings 9 times to helping a patron discover the reason for their blank copies (face down, not up, sir) to calling the police on a patron eating magazine pages cookie-monster-style. This end-off-shift state of mind can produce unsuitable answers to reference questions.
Q: Could you suggest a few kids books that have incontinence as a central theme?
A: Oh, they're just all mixed in.

Q: How can I find articles about that man who only eats foods that start with "M"?
A: Just look over there in the periodicals.

Q: Where's my mommy?
A: She's around here someplace, I'm sure.