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Hey,I'm just a normal artist trying to start out and create her stories. I'm not very good sadly but hopefully I'll get better little by little as time goes.
And if you want check out my other stuff on Tumblr!
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Well this is long overdue, sorry about that my dudes.
But hey good news!

You can now support me on Patreon here:
$10 patrons get to see the next comic page EARLY AND get to see the wips!
If you can't support me monthly you can buy me a coffee, here:

So yeah, y'all can do that!
Sorry that took so long a lot of personal projects popped up and thankfully I was able to finished this page before my BIRTHDAY TOMORROW (April 8th)
I'll try to get the next one done a bit faster!
Hope y'all are enjoying my story and having a wonderful day!
Decided to change my upload style to randomly instead of keeping a schedule since it'll be easier and less stressful for me, hope that's okay with y'all and I hope y'all enjoy the comic.
(Edit: Had to reupload the pages due to a small fuck up MY BAD!)
Slowly getting more and more pages, I hope y'all are enjoying my comic so far. <3
Aaaaay! Another page! I'm going to try and upload a new page at the beginning of every month until I have more pages so it might change to like twice or three times then. I'm sorry y'all gotta wait so long for these, I have a large workload this year so your patience is greatly appreciated.
Decided to upload page 1 early cause I'm excited and I've been working on pages for like a week
I don't have much so don't expect this to be a weekly thing
Oh boy let's get this rollin
Aaaaay! My first official comic in general!
I've been developing this idea since I was a kid so it's a tad cliche but nonetheless I hope my story is enjoyed.
I'm not gonna have a set date of when updates come because I have horrible time management and it'll take a while for me to get pages done since I have other projects.
Anyway, so yeah!
Regal Floret is a go!
I'm really sorry you've been through so much shit as of lately, it really sucks. But hopefully everything will get better at some point so please take all the time you need to get some normalcy, I believe I can speak for all or us (or most of us since lets face it some 'fans' are assfucks) that we're willing to wait for your comics and hope for the best of your personal life.
Please take care <3
Congrats on the baby,I bet she's a major cutie.
Also take your time on the updates no need to rush but it's good ta hear that y'all are coming back <3
But if you're Rainbow Dash, and I'm Rainbow Dash...THEN WHO'S FLYING THE PLANE!?

(sorry not sorry)
Is he for sale?
Oh no
Mommy and daddy are fighting again ;~;
...pft I'm sorry I had to say it