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He vuelto!!! Y con una nueva y asquerosa escena
I'm back!!! And i have a new & disgusting strip
*Algo que olvide decir el episodio anterior:
Los sábados los comics seran OPCIONALES, no es %100 seguro de que suba ese dia
*Something I forgot to say the previous episode:
Saturday comics will be OPTIONAL, not 100% sure upload that day
Este cómic es relativamente corto porque hare un anuncio: Comics ahora martes y fin de semana (O sabado, o domingo, o ambos)
This comic is relatively short because I will make a listing: Comics now Tuesday and weekend (Or Saturday, or Sunday, or both)
@chickenpeep: You're right; upgrade from now on Tuesdays.
A long time witout comics... sorry :p
Fue un largo tiempo sin comics... perdon :p
@chickenpeep: 11/September
Edit: 10/Sep, tomorrow
September 5th, 2014
Maybe its you xD
Touch Zelda lullaby =
Darmani grave explode
August 9th, 2014
@Luigi_96: If samus trowh a bomb... ¡Ice kirby! Okno Bomb kirby
@tedelf: Thanks! I like more the old ribbon (The new looks emo)But the new adeleine is omg so cute ^.^
Dee + Adeleine = Love
-Wadle Dee