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@GreenKrog: Yeah, that is it. :( And yeah, I am jaded.. sorry.

But the thing is that Annie is in a hetero relationship so she doesn't have to wait... and it really bites that there is one part where her hetero relationship and her body are incongruent with being hetero. And yeah that sucks too.. but sometimes the physical crap gets in the way -- and that is reality.
@GreenKrog: I gladly would. I mean.. it is obvious that Annie struggles with dysphoria. And I know that Vic has been extremely cool, and he even sees the women that Annie is. And Annie as smart as she is should have realized that Vic has struggled a few times recently with the fact that he is only hetero. I just want to couch what I am going to say with me coming from this premise.

I hate what I see when I look down and I would not ever show that to anyone else. Especially when there is a chance (even if it were only like 1.0% - but in Vic's case and him strongly likely being hetero) that if I did that I would get the exact reaction that I so feared -- or maybe even shared. I mean I am repulsed by myself.. holy cow if I let someone else do the same to me. Yeah, I have problems and I get that.. but sometimes the best way to avoid a bad thing is to never get yourself into that situation to begin with.

I feel absolutely awful for Annie. :(

Also, I am not very good with words sometimes... but kudos to this comic. I think you hit one big target that many TG people struggle with in one way or another and this is not a fun thing at all... so seeing this comic caused a reaction from me -- and I resonated with it.
You know Annie... you should have never gotten yourself into that situation to begin with.
LOL... as Greenkrog does her normal comment post she completely ignores the white elephant in the room..

Poor Vic though, curious what is going through his mind.
He has got to be an Angel... a real Angel, probably not... but to Annie he is.
@GreenKrog: OMGosshhh!! Priceless... absolutely priceless!! Imma have a smile the whole day now. =)
You know.. it like totally sucks... but I have slowly come to the realization that I lost my parents a long long time ago. ;(
November 13th, 2014
I completely empathize with Annie, a world of grey is not a life IMO. At least now she sees a bit more color in her life.

Poor Vic, he has his own demons to deal with too. I think Vic has come a long way, I hope that Annie's revelation doesn't cause him to go down his own dark tunnel.
@GreenKrog: I have to agree... I totally geeked out on Math in college...

Tool (Lateralus) used the Fibonacci progression in their music.

- Cynn
September 24th, 2014
I love butterflies!!


September 21st, 2014
I am crushing now... shameless I know. All it takes is one person, one moment where you are treated 'right' and the rest of the mess we call this world just goes away. At least that is the way it has worked for me.

The song by Bonnie Tyler, I Need a Hero comes to my mind. :)
September 14th, 2014
Unfortunately that 'Dad' character is similar to my dad.

Poor Annie, I do empathize with her. Not only is she taking the heat about what happened... but her Dad is not even addressing her correctly...
September 9th, 2014
And here we have another perfect example of a Wildflowers comic making me cry. :)

Anyway, yes she is so very nice. My experience has taught me that it is a rare occurrence to run into people who see the important / real things and are not superficially focused.
September 5th, 2014
@GreenKrog: Laws like that seriously exist in 1st world nations????

...sigh, that I never knew.
August 12th, 2014
I get what Mitch is saying... but Annie, it is good to stay cautious but do not doubt your intuition. People do change, just look at how far you have come a long....
Dang it.. you made me cry... again!

Yay!! <yes I know I am shameless but I am happy to see Vic and Annie have a bit something positive between them.>
July 15th, 2014
Well... Annie really should have expected that kind of response. I feel awful for her, and it sucks that people are so superficially focused. She is lucky really nothing else happened.

Let's see if Vic is "superficially" focused too (don't fail us Vic.. don't -fingers crossed-).
@GreenKrog: But yeah, Vic so deserves that!! Way to go Annie!!
Good for you Annie. When you have nothing to loose that is when fear disappears, at least that was my experience.
@GreenKrog: You are absolutely correct, except people do grow and change. It is so easy to get stuck in negativity and seeing the bad in people and you can always find the bad.

I am a hopeful romantic though and having the swim team captain interested in me would mean a lot, especially when it comes to validating who I am. And, given what Annie has been going through, that kind of positive attention would probably help her a lot.

Anyways, this is my reason for being so easy on Vic to forgive. If he really didn't care then I find it hard to see how he could be supportive and helpful like he has been; unless he is a sick bastard and has some kind of evil ploy he wants to play, which is a possibility I guess.