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A 32 year old maker of things. I like to make games, comics, and short fiction. But mostly I like to tell visual stories, and I'll do so in whichever way that takes me.
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    Robert Clemmons jr.
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The first page in a new webcomic! Enjoy the rest over at !
Sorry for the delay! Got caught up in other stuff!
December 15th, 2014
Sorry for not hitting the weekend. Thought I had to wrap presents, then I got sick. Then it was Monday.
December 11th, 2014
I'll be adding the early Illock strips in a daily format. Then switch to an unscheduled update format later. The daily format for the early strips is easy to keep track of.
@aquakitty101: Just because they're cute doesn't mean harmless. :)
Bear and Snail are on vacation and will return 7/29/2014.
After an alarming number of indies I follow stated they didn't take breaks, I drew this as a fun reminder to do so.
Bear and Snail in the valley of dead robots.