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i'm alana and i like gay butts
also anime and stuff

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ooh can i have problem? my character is like my avatar basically

i bet you thought i wasn't serious
@Blizzard: heheh thank you c:
i hate this already

jk i'm rly rly proud actually

this was lineart practice but man

i like it
hap birfday i guess???

i drew this at three in the morning yesterday so uhm
don't kill me
I finally finished this, after being inactive on the chat and procrastinating forever....
it's my DoMPstuck planet, the Land of Paint and Regret. It's just a big white world with lots of hills, all covered in paint.
I also drew my own version of my sprite, keeping almost everything the same but changing the shirt and the socks.
yes 1000000/10 amaze otp 5eva!!1!
@Hanna B: it's because i was way zoomed out... it looked better when it was smaller lol
@Hanna B: ayy lmao okay
I worked waaaay too hard on this but that's okay, because it's beautiful. Right? Right.
The words are from the song In Fact by Gregory and the Hawk.
I might make a second page to this soon, but I really don't know if I'll have time.
ayy macarena~
this is the wing reference sheet for Vanti.
yup yup.
This is a pretty bad rough sketch, but I sort of just made her on a whim, so....
Anyway, she's a bird (demon?) hybrid thing. Think angel proportions.
her name is Vanti, which is a modification of the Italian word for pride. I think. Either way, I think it sounds cool.
camp camp camp
for three whole weeks
at least there's internet omg
So I finally draw something that I deem good enough to post and wouldn't ya know, it's Hetalia.
Happy 4th, everybody. I probably should have drawn America.
Also, for whatever reason, I saved the file under the name "H to the E to the Talia", which does provide you with some insight about my current mental state. >.>
Also the file is huge because it's also my desktop background now.
No regrets. *rolls away*
@kirby knight 1000: yes. yes you should
Ehehehe ^.^;
So, uh, I finally got around to making something for this. It's, um, Russia from Hetalia.
please don't hate me.