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tbh, I'm surprised that people would be put off the story after the ending of the last chapter or have harsh views on it. Yes, it's something difficult for Rain to have to now face and some people may associate with it in a bad way, but it's a challenge to the story and to Rain and to the people around her. I'm glad you didn't end up trying to rewrite anything.

I don't feel like Rain as a comic has changed, other than improve over the time that I've followed it and become more of the things that I enjoy or make a good story. I'm excited and hopeful for what is to come! Thank you for this comic :D <3
I think the next question should be 'why are you wearing your sister's uniform'
August 4th, 2014
arsewipe young teenage girls
July 8th, 2014
i love Jaz - and i always love when awesome characters don't have the 'skinny' or 'fit' body shape that's the 'beautiful norm'. Makes me hate myself less. ANYWAY, totally in love with this comic :)