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Rexie here, nice to meet you. I'm a writer, an artist, a musician, you name it. I love meeting new people, but am also not too talkative. Unless you get me talking, and then a I talk a lot.
Nice painting~ I think I have a nose fetish, especially for Adam's nose. but you've also hit all the other sweet spots too! Like the lips, mm, and the eye brows... And all the contrasting shadows.
Wah, I just found out about the continuation~~ And I'm loving it. Your style is less big eyed chibi than all those years ago, which is a plus imo. And yes, love triangle drammmma! Looking forward to more,
Updates? Whoa! Anyway, awesome new pages. I like the full page spread before, and those Askari keds are so intimidating. Yay for updates. <3
LoL, the "three days" cliche. :DDDD Nice, bailey. gotta get to class on time.
Camilio rolling down a field of flowers should be the voting incentive.
The four... intellectuals... I bet Camilio scoffs.
I'm liking these first couple pages.
Once again, sfx, love. Cam, awesome.
"He's standing RIGHT behind me, isn't he? ... Goddammit."

Best line in this page. I love the confused babbling of other people's names. Awessssome. Camilio, so creepy.
tsktsk kyle. you should keep that tongue in check cause it gets you in a lot of trouble.
Ahaha! Jingle with no glasses and dbz hair! that's greaat.
Awkward moment coming up ahead! :DDD
Aw, poor Rod!
Yes, every single one of your characters is creepy. At least a little bit. But that's what makes them so great! Haha. Jing's face is great, especially in panel 7. Paris' "Hiiii Jingle" sends chills down my spine. WHAT'S HE GOT TO DO WITH THE NEWSPAPER CLUB? D: Dyiiiing to know!
Lol, I *thought* he looked like Xin...
I like your drawing, and I like the skull on this page. gorgeous.
I am in love with Camilo, I swear. His face in the last two pages = greatness. Moe too. Wah, I want to know why he detests Sailor Moon enough to wield his bow like a sword!
lulz. This comic is so silly, I love it. Xin's imagining is great. <3
ohemgee, hot hot hot. Eek! I like how Ioannes was just like, "Wut? You brought me pretty boys? Ohkay, thanks. <3"
punk4life4: a BOY wearing fairy wings? Srsly? XD

But yeah, there's always that one or ten person(s) wearing floor length cloaks. That's not me, but I associate with them.

Yeah, anyway, I like his "I already know that" *goes back to rummaging in locker*. :]