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I'm known to be a fan of Nintendo, and Capcom stuffs, like Mega Man, Mario, Sonic etc.
I am also known to be a spriter.
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Done out of boredom, I decided to make these. Also, note that this is imported from DA.
Just some random stuff...and my first sprite pic.
Just some random stuff...and my first sprite pic.
Hey Alienoid
Pretty Awesome.
This is awesome too!
These are all awesome!!
Can I submit a robot master? I'll upload it on deviantart and give you maybe 5 of them. My user name on DeviantArt is the same as this one (MegaRed225).
What the sheep's wrong with Mega? (LOL)
As much as I like them, can I use them please?
How do you get those drawings transparent?
A Comment
This comic seems interesting and fun. I can just see it :D
OH MA GASH!!! LOL. Nice comic though :3
Your Sprites
It does looks cool Retro Pikachu. I like it :D