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Silent screaming
~All our dreams are coming trueeee through the good times and the baaaad~ plays in the background. *implodes from the beauty*
This is amazing. Talk about a dream ending. I wish that one day this will be inked but even the sketches are beautiful so I ain't complaininnn
Wish you the Best!!
@Rip the Hunter:
I straight up love you. You are talented, kept the characters extremely in character to the point of making them who they SHOULD have been aka Orihime being a strong capable woman instead of a sexist weak stereotype, and most of all you redeemed Bleach!! I get sad thinking of how Bleach never brought back Ulquiorra or made Orihime who she should've been then I think of you and am like TRUE BLEACH MANGA FIXED IT, NEVER MIND. Good luck on your future endeavors you amazing warrior <3