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"Argue not with dragons, for thou art crunchy and go well with brie." - Anon.
"Behind every successful woman is a fridge of chocolate and a cat." - a pin I saw at a store
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In this page, Alex gets punched in the face.

...that's what he gets for refusing to be drawn right the first time and giving me headaches redrawing him.

@Kinmotsu_no_Yoryuu: Heehee, there just might be! Personally, I've always thought cat-fur slippers would be the warmest, softest things ever.
This comic is a month late because life caught up to me for a while, namely the passing of a family member.

Enjoy some shots of Alex and Erin cheating death once again!

I honestly had fun with this page, despite the lace on the edge of the mage's underdress. So much glow...

My friend has a cat that I playfully threaten to turn into a rug most of the time, that attention hog. I pet him with my feet as I do so. He'd make a very soft rug. :P

Oh look, a page!
Look what the cat dragged in...

You don't know how hard it was not to make random cat jokes for Alex's last speech bubble at the end.

And then there was LIGHTNING!

Drawing, fun. SFX arrangement, not fun. Too many Ks...
Poor Alex. No one listens to him...
Pushy things, aren't they..?

Yes, I know that I'm not updating at all, really. My work schedule is ridiculous and I had some side projects earlier this year. Let's hope we can keep this up for another week or two...
So many ghosts... *O.o*
Erin can be very loud when necessary. She just usually isn't.

In real life, I'm terrified of them. I know that most spirits are not out to actively get me, but the idea that they can go through walls freaks me out. With most other monsters, you can at least slam a door in their face and give yourself another half-second to live.

Nope, still no Heroic powers for our hero. :P

Goodbye, Kalas. Go find your gold. Hopefully nothing gets you on the way there. :P

So many layers on this page!! Bah.

Ladies and gents, the City of Glass!

Double pages spread, so sorry for the wait. Have a new job and that's eating massively into my drawing time. D:

In reality, this fall probably would have killed them or at least broken some bones, but they're comic characters and can ignore the laws of physics when the situation requires it.

Why yes, I do like to push my characters off of cliffs. You gain some interesting insight into their personalities by listening to what they scream at you as they go over the edge. The meeker ones just scream and the more antagonistic usually hurl curses and threats of vengeance. :)

-Dragonlady, the slightly sadistic
Everyone has their berserk buttons and Kalas seems to be well on his way to hitting every single one of Alex's.

...yes, we're still alive!

So many fists in this page, bleh. I do love drawing action shots, though. :)