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@Shadow_Da_Hedgie: However, there is always the possibility of turning off the console and destroying the cartridge while one is in the game.
EDIT: You know in the event they stay alive and stuff.
"I'm not sure if I even deserve it"
Of course you deserve it! In fact, this is my favorite comic of all time on Smack Jeeves!
@Redkirby: Adding onto that, the reason he didn't turn into a dark matter is because droppys can only turn into regular enemies, not bosses or minibosses. Like when a droopy copies smash, it turns into a pink droppy
I swear if he takes the Rounder as a pet...
No wait, I actually hope that happens
Misspelling should be "Our motto."
I want a cookie now.
Me before clicking the link: It's gonna be Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap
@Yoskichu: That was way crazier than it needed to be.
I'm betting what will happen is that Daniel and Core will teleport to where Wily is supposed to be when he reveals himself because they replaced Wily when they went inside the game.
Wait, what? It says I commented at 10:23. I'm very confused now
It sas this was uploaded at 9:48. LIES ITS 9:23
SHORT hiatus? I think not, by how this is looking.
September 4th, 2015
@Luigi_96: And Meta Knight has a sword as big as his body, not to mention the Squeaks die in one hit, as they are the Waddle Dees of Squeak Squad, albeit with bombs.
September 4th, 2015
Why are they so scared? Maybe they have AN INVISIBLE NUKE. Or bombs, but nukes are more explodey.
>Ask the roach something
Maybe she squished a tiny bug as she was walking by, hence "murdering" it.
It's funny because he hurt himself. :D
>Use a small fireball to lights it up it looks like a friggin torch. And it has dormant magic, so it's only logical.
August 24th, 2015
I don't get why the guy who made this place had the gravity places to have the person conviniently land on platforms. So the hero can come and easily infiltrate the place. I MEAN COME ON. THERES ONLY LIKE ONE TRAP SO FAR
Oh hey it's Dark Meta Knight.......... ZOMBIE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES