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1. Color and scan the rp site chronicles, Jan 22nd issue

2. Color and scan my ubber awsome comic idea.
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Yay Faye and your signs of fluff.
This roxorz.
Nice one. Well done.
This one was priceless.
Good one.
This make me smirk. Good job.
Will it squeek if I squeeze it?
Love the comic as always.
I like this.
Another good page, and the pretty bird... wow. Awsome stuff.
whoot for good drama
Get Fuzzy references rock.
It works now! hugs to Egon for that.

This is the third and final part of the trilogy. I hope you enjoyed it. Go back and read them all in order to get the big picture.
no, it's not your computer, I can't see it either. I'll get in touch with someone...
Well, Dazer, it might help if you looked at my character profiles :P Aura is explained there.
O-o This suprizes me in many ways... Thanks guys ^_^
wheee! The second of my 1337 trilogy. Hope you continue to show the lurve.
since everyone is asking, the site is ^_^