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@Kebi_in_your_pants "I used to go fast. But that's till I took a badnik to the knee"
August 2nd, 2015
Did you upload two comic pages in one day?
Would this mean that Ness and Lucas have psy powers in this comic?
Halzen quit being a jerk.
@Luigi_96: I took my scanner to the shop so now it's working so expect some fan art from me soon
@SuperScratchkat: You should be the guardian of Candy Constellation
The *screech* part of the second panel reminded me of Sonic Adventure.
I'd love to participate in the fanart contest... If my scanner worked T.T
@Luigi_96: What is this Splatoon?
All of a sudden this became Sonic and the Secret Rings
@sapphire947: Like Mario's Castle Calamity?
I think I know why Sonic doesn't want to carry Amy
@Green Sigma TH: I thought I was the only one
@RoninHunt0987: Oh not the golem. God bless their souls in finding a way to survive that metamorphic beast!
I think I know the plan. Sonic and Tails will grab onto the escape pod in order to hopefully make it weigh down so that Robotnik, Amy, Sonic, and Tails will fall (but the aircraft will still be functioning; It will still be moving forward, yet also downwards at the same time) to the ground where it'll be easier to deal with Robotnik.
This seems suspicious. Waddle Dee even thinks so.
@Luigi_96: There's a typo in the second panel; specifically, the squeaker said 'talk' instead of 'take' (not trying to be a grammar Nazi)
@King_Rover: Oh yeeeaaahhhh I heard it was supposed to be a Mario game so this makes perfect sense
What game is this referencing?
Not sure if my body is ready or not for the jokes and pranks tomorrow.