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Ello there! I'm a 17 year-old freeloader from Borneo, Indonesia. I enjoy Americanimangames, the color orange and oily street food. I'm still a bit of a nub when it comes to making comics, but I hope we can get along! :D
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    Bittarae Maulana (Rae)
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June 6th, 2014
@Virtrue: Iiiit's... going to be revealed in the next page! *hit by a soda can*

And haha, thanks! I'm glad you still like the colors here! ^^
@Guest: BAHAHA, nice one. But I think anyone would go bonkers if they had to study in a classroom like this for, say, three years? Ahaha.
@Virtrue: Woah, I actually didn't know about that! But I live for that kind of living-in-the-dumps concept, so I really want to check it out as well. I hope I can learn some things from it. :")

Thank you so much!
This cover, as well as all the other pages, were all done in SAI and Photoshop CS, with a mouse. ^^