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@Avantel: Long story short I just haven't been able to produce pages due to work/commissions life issues.

I have some work done for the next chapter, but I'm trying to put even more effort into it and production has just been a little slow. If it takes longer than another few weeks to get started I'll post an actual update page so there is less confusion! Sorry!
@Barb Tail: I should post an update here about happenings, but I hope to get trucking along in a solid month or so!

I'm trying to put even more effort into it and production has just been a little slow. Thank you so much though!
@D: Hopefully you wont have to wait too much longer ^^!
@Analt: Thanks man!

For a little while I'm having to cut back to 1 page a week, I'm a little upset about it, I'd love to have enough time for two, but I've recently come into some extra work, which is great! but taxing, so to make sure I don't ever lapse on pages, I'm gonna switch it back to one page, Thank you all so much for taking a look see, I love all you guys so much!
@Floressas: Its only a head injury! :'D
haha waugh! hope you enjoyed it so far XU!!

I'm hoping to bump it up to two pages a week fairly soon Life is just very difficult atm!
He may not have thought that through too well!
Finally some more insight on the world outside of the military!

for those possibly confused, yes the previous start to this chapter was a bit of a cold open, It will be apparent later on (at which point I will redact this message) but I wanted to make sure everyone wasn't confused!
There's saving your skin, and then there's begging for your life
Long time no see! Back into the swing of comics, and I thank you for your patience! Chapter 1 kicks off what this comic was culminating to, so stuff is gonna get real.

I'm going to shoot for two pages a week but right now that doesn't look reasonable since I have a full-time job(since I'm nowhere near noteriety/support for this)

SO until i figure that out it will be once weekly on MONDAYS!
THus ends the prologue, it's pretty long so Im super thankful for everyone who stuck with it so far, it really really means a lot!

There will be a brief haitus while I prepare the next chapter, so stay tuned for an update followed by a regular posting schedule!! order/

^^ The above is a news post I just made regarding prints you can now order of the comic if you'd like!! Ordering ends this coming sunday, so act quickly!!
@a loser: TEHEE shes an expert in sassitude c8
@Andrzej Thank you so much!! I do actually have plans for books, so keep an eye out for new posts Ill be sure to have updates on it!
I'm glad!! C8 Originally this whole Prologue was gonna be a lot shorter I was afraid of scaring people away
@DAFLI: HAHA I can't see why, pssshh swords and robot suits aint so tough