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Skype: mymisskate.
Deviantart: LittleMissKate
Discord: LMKittyKat#8473

I like cute things and make a lot of mistakes.
Let's work hard together!

I update my comics every Saturday (or Sunday if there's a delay).
My inbox is open to everyone- I'm most active here!
Sometimes you gotta make a comic that's funny to you and two other people.
Oh wait that's all of my comics lol.

Staring Miss Random, Soured, Hugz, Dumdy, and Mr. Green. They have fun.
Some knight you are, Keldeo. Victini's gotta tell you what's what, smh.
This song is about plucking feathers off a lark.
Among other things.
@Blizzard: Aw thank you so much, Blizz!
I actually had a hard time deciding which title to use for this chapter, as both make sense, but using 'other side' might have been too spoiler-y? Idk lol
A project that I was working on and cancelled because writing a story is easier than making a full comic series. QuQ
Sadie the seahorse lives in the ocean with her friends Sunny and Shadow. She also makes lots of new friends, like a squid, a miniature diver, a hula girl, and even a mermaid!
They have a lot of adventures and get into trouble because of course they do.

Maybe some day I'll finish it.
@Truefan108: It's canon in this comic that all Mew are like that.
@Truefan108: Team Precious Team PRECIOUS TEAM PRECIOUS!!!
Why, outside of the Glen of courses! Mew and friends return next week, and bring along a new friend..
I wonder what their team name would be...
Team Cuties? Team Adorable Frens??

But that's for another time, let's get back to the main story.
Me: I wanna add hearts to all my characters' designs, but that would be gaudy.
Also me: Heart shaped pawsies owo
@Truefan108: OMG??? That's so sweet!
Now nursery rhymes make sense! :D
@Weaselcheez: Thank you! :D
Things got more complicated when there were more singing voices but people like rainbows right? lol
Zorro's asking the real questions here.
Song, for the curious:

It's not a rickroll I promise.
My sincerest apologies to the voice actors that are dubbing my comic.

Hah ha... >u>"
@LuckyPuppie: It is :D
It's also a movie that made me cry as a child so óuò'
@QZWAG22: It's in the works!
(Although to be honest with all the things I'm doing I'm not sure if it would be a weekly comic :x )
@Nova Ozuka: Congratulations Nova! :o
And thank you for reading!
Hey everyone! Here's the surprise I mentioned a while back: Bonus Chapters!
Bonus chapters are canon to the main comic, but are mostly for fun or to fill in little bits of backstory for certain characters. This chapter is somewhat short, so for the next two weeks, I'll be uploading three pages (5 + Chapter 9's cover).
This particular one is placed in the middle of Mia's recovery and Rye's departure. It's silly and sweet so I hope you all enjoy it! uwu
Thank you again for reading, everyone!