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Skype: mymisskate.
Deviantart: LittleMissKate

I like cute things and make a lot of mistakes.
Let's work hard together!

(No home internet, but I'll make due!)

I update my comics every Saturday (or Sunday if there's a delay).
My inbox is open to everyone- I'm most active here!
A smol boy! A tiny friend!
Selene, you didn't lose anyone.

...They were taken from you.
@DarkFlameOSecrets: Iwilladdheartstoeverythingit'smylife'spurpose. lol :P
@Darvin: So sorry! I'll explain-
Because the eevee twins are grey (shiny) and brown with darker colored paws and ear tips (matching Percy's fur pattern) Rye thinks that maybe Dusty and Percy are their fathers.
But then I ruin it by making Selene's life sad. :T
Hope that clears it up!
Oh no. :(
Oh well, flashback time next week!
Heyooo eevee twins! Everyone likes eevees right? ;P

...They're not what you think.
Last chance to guess the hatchlings.
Although you guys probably already know. :P
Selene, you're a little close.
@RedsterTheGamer: Sweet! I hope you have fun learning- and making your character! :)
She's okay!
But you guys knew that, didn't you? ;P
There's a little violence in this chapter, most likely not an issue with most folks, but I'd thought I'd let you all know! :)
@Darvin: It's okay! Selene was still an eevee when she became an adult. (About 18-20ish in age I guess)
She evolved shortly after Rye left the nest, well, you'll see!
Sorry there's not more Mia! Next week, we'll start Chapter 8! And then... a surprise?!
See you then!
Rye's age has always been ambiguous but I'd figure he's got some fatherly instinct in him.
@Ark the Glaceon: Don't be so hard on yourself, my dude. You're still growing and I'm sure you'll get there. :) I'm still learning too!
Rye don't yell in front of the child. >:(
Friendly reminder that shelter pets are always in need of love and support!
Thank you!
Thank you everyone for your comments! I'll have to reply to them individually when I get the chance, but they all still mean a lot to me. :)
I love every one of you! Thank you for your support! ^v^)b
That's just how she gives thanks. With painful, painful shocks. :3