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Hello friends I am tired.
"Hi Tired.."

Currently without home internet, sorry. :(
If you can't reach me, it's not your fault! I'm just a dummy. ^^"
@Nature: Thought I'd answer this while I have the time.
The three musketeers is a French story, which is what Keldeo is based off of, kinda.
Also, an actual and less smart answer: I like bilingual characters and my mom knows french ^^"
Nah, all legendary pokemon are weird. It's decided.
Back to regular updates from here on!
Y'know, unless somethin comes up. :P
It originally said "this is a map!" on it.
Wake-y wake-y!
Reminder that this week is a double update like last week!!
Heads up guys, this one's a long one.
Uh oh, someone's a lil sneak!
Well hellurrrrw there.
Hello all!! Just letting you know, this week AND next week, there wI'll be a double update!
So if you're confused, check tomorrow, (Sunday) both weeks to uh, keep things in order!
Sorry I'm frazzled lol.

Have a good week!
Why do you need a sword when you have a horn?
He's dead you know.
You guys really seemed to like Mew, so have some more Mew. :3
We're finally here!
I would've used a Murkrow but *shrug*
Luna no.
He's out of your league. :P
Sorry for no blood warning last week, I hope that's okay. :x