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Deviantart: LittleMissKate
Discord: LMKittyKat#8473

I like cute things and make a lot of mistakes.
Let's work hard together!

I update my comics every Saturday (or Sunday if there's a delay).
My inbox is open to everyone- I promise I don't bite!
Remember kids, if you see the young of a large land carnivore, (or even herbivore, like deer or moose), their mother is most likely not far away.
And if she feels her young are threatened, will most likely gore/kill you.

Your chances of being lit on fire are very slim though.

The more you know -☆
You guys should've listened to Sprite.
@Weaselcheez: The voices in your head wanna join mine for tea and talk about how nuts we are sometime? :v
I'm trying to make a habit of posting comics I put on dA here.
Even the silly, not so good ones like these.

They have a weird dynamic. 🤔
@Weaselcheez: *blinks*
I need to lay down ówò"
Bad things are coming...
He's developing ~friendship feelings~.
Posted on dA already.

Sage and Gabriel are partners and performers, specializing in song, dance, and magic. Gabriel, the light mote, has the ability to transform into animals, frequently an ermine. He and the shadow rabbit, Chester, are good friends but tend to interrupt Sage's quick, between show naps.
Oh well. :b
Eh, rabbits, amirite?
We interrupt Patch's flashback for Cute Puppies and Mysterious Doggo Mom.
Fyi, the growlithe line is one of my favorite Pokémon lines.

The 90's were a long time ago. óuò
@Murp: Nah man, happens to me too. (It's mostly my fault honestly ^.^')
@Murp: There's a theory that Ditto is a failed clone of Mew, which is why it can breed with all sorts of other Pokémon and also why it shares the same shiny color with Mew.
Idk I liked the idea and ran with it, but I do that a lot with... varied results.
@sirintellegence: Thank you for noticing! I'll be sure to try to fix these two errors!

ETA: Everything should be peachy keen now! :)
@sirintellegence: Oh! Thank you for pointing this out! I will try to fix this if I can figure it out. ^.^)b
Fifth panel is the outdoor kitties I see that I want to pet. :(

Happy early Halloween, enjoy the spoopy human. You'll be seeing more of her.
...and then less.
Ohoho, readers beware, you're in for a scare.~

Lord I'm so sorry
@Murp: Yes. The best boy.
Or girl. I have a bad habit of calling snakes boys. ^^"