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Skype: mymisskate.
Deviantart: LittleMissKate

I like cute things and make a lot of mistakes.
Let's work hard together!

(NVM everything sucks lol vnv)
We're finally moving on to the character this chapter's about!
Sorry for the delay, everyone! I hope those of you effected by the winter storm are okay!

Also, for the curious, Sprite and Patch's song is More Than Words by Extreme.
I really like that song. :3
Another double update! I'm going to try to do one each week for the next couple weeks... Plus a new cover when we're all finished here. :)
Bookends are great. Y'know, when they don't blow up.
If you look under "Good Boy" in the dictionary, it's a picture of Patch.
But like, that embarrassing one from the Christmas party.
*insert One Direction song here*
You know the one.
Double update this week! :)
Test your might.
Ah yes, tailgate...
Wait no
All of you that called this reveal- Y'all get +5 points.

The points don't mean anything, but they're nice to have. ;P
Awful confident, ain't he?
It really isn't what you think...
Gettin' a little close, don't cha think?
Hey! On time this time! :P
Hope you guys are staying warm. See you next week!
"Brb my deer boyfriend needs me."
Hey everyone, sorry for this page being late! We got snowed in but it's all good now. :)
Stay warm everyone!
Sorry this week's page was late! We got snowed in over here, but everything's fine. Please stay warm everyone!
Hello everyone! This is a long-ish chapter.
It'll touch upon body issues and parental fear, so if you're sensitive to those subjects, tread carefully.
Hopefully I handled them correctly-- everyone has different experiences though! :)

Have a good week! ^.^)b