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Currently trying to get my life back in order. Please be patient with me. óuò
Zero does have a point. One should seek analysis from a trained professional.
Not some kid with a sword that's gonna probably stab you cuz you're evil.

Hello everyone, I'm sorry this week's page is a couple days late! I'm currently recovering from some injuries and didn't have the ability to use my computer for a while. I hope you all understand. ^^"

Hopefully I'll be all healed by this next Saturday, until next time!
So that's where Peanut's been! Bringing the boys back in town!
@Kirbyfan27: Yeah, I tend to be overly cautious with things. ^^'

((tfw the boot thrower doesn't even wear boots))
Well it was nice knowing you, Boot Throwing Guy.
Sorry about having Kirby soapboxing about being respectful and kind to others.

...Okay maybe I'm not sorry. :P

(Also, a bit of a warning. Next week's page might make people who don't like cartoon blood/gore a bit uncomfortable. It's not too much, but I thought I'd let y'all know.)
((Sorry spoilers?))
Take care. :)
It's a metaphor, see:
Unrelated to today's comic but I hope everyone is staying healthy. :)
(Colds are notoriously energy-consuming and can make doing even simple things hard.)

Also thanks to everyone that's voting on my poll! It's still staying up until March 1st, but looking at what themes are in the lead makes it easier to figure out what I should be focusing my time on.
As for the upcoming Pokémon comic, it's well on its way, (I may start posting it after the poll ends, but I don't have a set date), and I hope you all like the cheery little story I have planned. ^.^

Thank you for reading! See you all next week!
Deep down in his bird-y heart, Dedede cares about his mooks.
He just doesn't want his castle destroyed. :P
Keeby, this is no time to be playing Air Ride!
Lona: *A powerful water elemental that has been dormant for many years*
Also Lona: *knows a meme when she sees one*

Like, c'mon Storm, you know better. ;P
Get ready folks, we're heading back up to the skies!
Hey guys, unrelated but we're almost at 200 pages.
I think that's wild, man.
The truth come out: Does Zero is edgelord?

Yes. Yes he is.
@Arolachette217: (My last comment didn't post TuT)
We will certainly reach at least twenty chapters, and Chapter Eighteen is the beginning of the Climax. There's an epilogue as well, but I'm not sure if this counts as a chapter or not. We'll see! :)
This is what happens when you sleep on your roof, kids.
I like to think Meta Knight (in this comic universe) isn't one to keep things a secret to be "mysterious" or "teach others to figure things out on their own". At least not all the time.
He would just rather not upset anyone. Nice dude that he is lol

But that's just me idk.

Next week, Chapter Eighteen: Death
(No not really but also... yeah. Yeah it's gonna be serious business.)
Unrelated, we're getting down to the final pages of Crystal Quest here. It will still be weeks, months, before the finale but everything is all lined up. (Maybe some dialog tweaking)
I'm pretty happy with my progress, and ability to keep CQ on a steady schedule. (I've hit a bump in the road but this happens so often I'm kinda used to it *shrug*)
And I'm SUPER grateful for all of you who are reading, whether you have an account here or not. I hope that you'll all stick around for future comics! I really want to continue to tell little stories here and also improve on my artwork. Personally, I think working on a weekly comic has helped me grow and learn a bit more as an artist, as well as help me stay motivated during hard times. I want to keep getting better for you all here now, and future readers too!
Thank you for reading! (I'm sorry I ramble about my appreciation all the time, heh) (/^u^)/<3 <3
@WiispNightmare: Ah really? Thank you, I tend to mix my words around when relying completely on my program's spellcheck.
I believe I still have a textless version of this page somewhere, so I can fix it when I get more time. :)
Look at what good friends they are! :) So supportive.

ETA: Spelling error fixed! :)
Leaf & Azure: Yeah! Let's help save the world!
Storm: We're probably gonna die
Lilac: If I go down I'm tAKING DARK MATTER WITH ME
Well, magic shenanigans would explain the whole "love at first sight" thing. :P