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Skype: mymisskate.
Deviantart: LittleMissKate

I like cute things and make a lot of mistakes.
Let's work hard together!

(Currently without home internet, sorry. :(
If you can't reach me, it's not your fault! I'm just a dummy. ^^")
Mom says it's my turn to ride the deerling.
Hello mother, hello father!

Short chapter this time, but it's gonna be.. interesting. :P
Nova vaporizes the earth, killing everyone instantly.
*Pup is on fire

Anyway, Chapter Six: Homeward Bound, starts next week! I hope you guys'll like it. :)
The Guild is just like, a shoebox.
Guildmaster Shoe, reporting!
"Your wish could save the whole world, Blade."

"I still wish for Cotton back, she's my whole world."

"'re gonna make me space-barf, kid."

Caaaaan you feel the loooove tonight~
Nah, being nicknamed Pongo isn't even that bad.
Zorro could've called him Blue.

Blue skidoo, we can too~
(I'm sorry)
Nova is a trickster god, FACT.

At least in my headcanon it is. :P
Chica does not approve of your moveset, good pup.
You can't do that, Rye.
Nova is, how you say, cuckoo clock?
Cuz he's nuts.
@WiispNightmare: I want Nova to nyoom me to death. 'Be a pretty cool way to go lol.
@Warpstar: Ja
I personally see warpstars as something akin to a vehicle in Dreamland, like, you gotta earn the right to drive them like you would get a driver's license on earth. :)
Twig is a little memester.
He'd be the guy that tries to pull an updog on everyone he meets.

Btw Updog evolves into Henway. It's fact.
I'd be mad too.
Bees freak me out. :x
What's scarier: Nova being literally right there in front of him, or Nova being thousands of miles away but it still seems like he's right there?
I think about this a lot tbh.
Rye gets the most nicknames out of everyone tbh.
He has a love for battling. :P
@Warpstar: Magic
But actually I had a whole backstory about Meta and his relationship with Dark Matter that I didn't get to.
Maybe someday.