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Skype: mymisskate.
Deviantart: LittleMissKate

I like cute things and make a lot of mistakes.
Let's work hard together!

(Currently without home internet, sorry. :(
If you can't reach me, it's not your fault! I'm just a dummy. ^^")
Btw, I tend to mix up Twig and "Twigs".
Should've named him Twix.
@Aura9301: No problem! It's kind of a spoiler, isn't it though?
Gendered languages are silly like that I guess. :P
@Guest: Thank you! I've always had difficulty writing Spanish, so you're a big help. :)
Glad you like the different languages, though!
Mm. Shouldn't have said that, Blade. :P
You guys are gonna either love or hate Chica's partner.
Maybe both. :P
Chica the bilingual birb.
Let's go to an abandoned castle to talk about the wish god.

Y'know, normal stuff.
Again, if I screw up with my Spanish, let me know. ^^'
Thanks for putting up with my weirdness, y'all.
"Rye calls out my map making skills", the page. :P
@TerrytheTeryx: Not pushy at all!
It may be, I honestly don't know French very well, so thank you for your input! :)
Time for sparkly new characters!
I hope you guys like em.

PS: I'll be doing two updates on Saturdays until further notice. Thank SJ and their broken release system for that. ;P
Hey all, seems like SJ changed some things, so sorry if pages come up weird or anything.
Also, we're starting chapter five tomorrow, introducing some new characters 'n stuff.

I'm apologizing now for my bad Spanish skills. If any more fluent speakers wanna correct me, feel free because I haven't used my Spanish in forever. lol

Y'all take care now. :)
Book turtles are slow readers. *rimshot*
Unrelated but I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. :)
You know it's serious when Mew controls her hug power.
Nothing scarier than a book puffball. :P
@Arolachette217: Uhhh kinda sorta
Depends on what an epilogue counts as.
Pokemon don't need nuggets but hey, shiny good.