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Time is an illusion and I have none of it.

Currently trying to get my life back in order. Please be patient with me. óuò
There's flirting awkwardly, then there's awkward flirting.
Sprite no! This is a comic for children

(It isn't actually.)

<strike>Also sorry I'm bad at jokes.</strike>
I wish I was a half decent animator so that I could make the heart piece do it's little change-y thing for you guys. ^^'
Is everyone just in this forest?!
*Giratina sipping out of a tiny teacup*:
Please leave me out of this.
Time for flashbacks~
Hahaha she fell in love, geddit?
~So why don't you slide?
You have angered the blue sphere-man.

(Don't act so surprised Kirby, you'd level a planet for some cake!)
@Warpstar: W-wait what, that sounds awesome! I've never heard of that rumor actually I'm a bad Kirb fan TuT (Gonna make a call back to an earlier chapter though, once other characters go through their own drama. ('u')b )

@KirbyandPokemonFan: Meta has special eyes..
All kidding aside, I did originally make his eyes white/silver, but really didn't like the final look so I just gave him normal eyes with prominent silver highlights. I'm also really confused as to what his canon eye color is tbh. ^^"
More like Plan B-e seeing you!
I'm going to run for my life now.
He's coming for the 'mon that killed his mother.

That's uh, that's not it.
Hey Kirby. Who's your dead friend?

He's dead.
Ah yes, the giant bug-horse of Poké-America. Such majestic creatures.
Hey which PMD continent do you guys think Unova is on? Y'know, before it was obliterated by [redacted].
Cotton, I'm fairly sure when 38 Special said "hold on loosely" they also said "but don't let go".
@WiispNightmare: I love this, it's CQ canon now.
@AHumanBeing: I think I might have moved the sweat drops too far from the characters, my bad ^^;
Also aaaaa frick I typo'd again! Sorry I'll correct that when I'm able to. ;v;

@WiispNightmare: Keeby ships everything tbh. He's gone postal ;P
Me @ Myself: You just had to ruin a perfectly good emotional moment, didn't you?

Also Me: You can't stop the passion that is FIRE.

ETA: Fixed the typo! :)