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Skype: mymisskate. (Inactive)
Deviantart: LittleMissKate
Discord: LMKittyKat#8473

I like cute things and make a lot of mistakes.
Let's work hard together!

I update my comics every Saturday (or Sunday if there's a delay).
My inbox is open to everyone- I promise I don't bite!
Flashback time! Featuring Patch and Petunia as fawns.
Hey everyone, there's a content warning for this chapter!
Chapter Ten will have some scenes with slight blood, and things involving depression, suicide, and child endangerment. Please be aware. ♡
90% of this chapter is totally safe though! And I'll be sure to warn ahead of time when possibly troubling pages come up! Better safe than sorry.

But enjoy the Bambi references! Don't worry/think about the bad things too much! óuò
@Weaselcheez: If I say literally anything at all I'll spoil it but like
You're parallel to the right track. Like, eerily so.

Also *Primal Dialga noises*
Reference here. *bidoof noises*

Ah, but we all know how Mew's wish turned out.
Her friends, Rye and the others...

Speaking of, Chapter 10 starts next week! See you then! ☆
Daisy: Sorry I almost killed you. umu
Mew: lol its okay ilu xoxo
@Weaselcheez: *squints*
I give this a B+. Huehue
@Weaselcheez: Most of this theory is spot on.
It's my fault it's not more clear as to what happens, as panel four is a little difficult to make out.
Regardless, Mew becoming evil is an interesting take...
For the record, my headcanon is that all legendary Pokémon can breathe in space.
So uh, that's not the problem here.

*thinking emoji*
Mew invented Pokémon nicknames. It's canon. :P
Based off of a conversation I had with a friend a looong time ago.
It's an inside joke, and therefore, not funny to anyone but us.
@Roosterington: Thanks! ^^" I don't use reddit but I'm sure someone that does will appreciate the sub!
@Ale-andaro: Can't give away too much but Mew showing up behind someone is like if you turned around and God was there like "whatup".
And was also a pink catgirl.
@AmystarOWO: I'm not familiar enough with SU but that's a funny coincidence!
Oxy never catches a break, does he?
If you kin as Mew you are VALID.

And also ilu ♡
Mew: H-hewwo? Let me introduce myself.

I'm babey.
Big spicy noodle boi.

Idk you'd think I'd prepare author comments ahead of time but I don't.
@Alaric Skywalker: Hah, thanks Alaric! ^^'
I just know some readers are a little young, and I'd rather they know ahead of time what content could be a little upsetting so they can prepare or avoid it. Things like that are better for all of us.
Mew's reason for not being able to leave is touched upon but never explained too clearly. Chapter 9.2 should make it more obvious, but still left to interpretation. I like to let people speculate. :)
Thanks for reading!
@BB6022: Thank you very much, BB! I hope you stick around and I can continue to impress! ^.^