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Basically an unmarried housewife that draws a lot.
S'Lotta dynamite.
Sometimes it's not the mattress, it's the pillows. :u
Nika being actually right about something?
It's more likely than you think.
Don't worry they're fine. :P
Standing on a cliff: Cool.
Making Keeby angry: Not cool.
More bombs was probably not a good plan.
Electric Boogaloo part 2
The boogalooing :P
The battle begins!

Chapter Sixteen starts next week, see you then!
Sorry for not responding to any comments for the past few weeks!
(No Internet sucks ><)

Hope everyone had a good week! Summer storms are still making their rounds!
Kracko's appearance is funny because of all the summer storms I've been having here at home.

No points for anyone guessing chapter 16's title. :P
Hey all, sorry for being a day late! We've had some pretty serious storms.
To kind of take away from the seriousness, is this week's page!

(I apologize in advance, I'm not good at imitating artstyles. ^^')

If you guys can figure out the four anime that are being referenced, feel free to leave a guess in the comments!
See you next week!

Very important penguin.
Find yourself a partner that looks at you like Keeby looks at Galacta Knight.
He's not proud he's just stating the obvious. :P
Reasons to become a physical, mortal being:
-friends..friends are nice
Oh Meta Knight, it's crystal clear what's going on here!
Just ask Galacta, he knows what's up.

(Disclaimer: Do not hurl your friends at floating eye monsters.)
@WiispNightmare: In some panels they're the same height because I'm a derp but in the last one she's supposed to be closer to the viewer.

Also I drew a doodle of pony!Cotton a while back, might put it up sometime because I liked how she came out óuò
Hey guys are you ready to jump that shark again?
Well get your jams 'cause we're totally doing that next week.

<strike>I'm making a big deal out of small things again, I'm sure you guys probably saw this coming?</strike>
Enter King Dedede, stage right.
Hopefully he'll clear some things up for us, eh?