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I am a writer by hobby who has been writing webmanga since September of 2006. I have a lot of experience in the field and can come up with ideas fairly quickly. My usual style is Shonen Action/Drama/Romance, but as shown with True Nature, I can handle other genres as well.

NOTE: Due to a massive influx of requests I've been getting lately, I am currently not accepting any further requests to help edit and/or write your comic. This will likely change in the future though, of course.

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The Lone Swordsman
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Eye Hunters
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Goddess Shariah
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True Nature
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Shall We Dance?
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Recent Comments

Comment on Chapter 48 - Page 23 of The Lone Swordsman
Sol, 08 Dec 2016
This is a continuation of what happened at the end of Chapter 44 btw.
Comment on Chapter 48 - Page 20 of The Lone Swordsman
Sol, 01 Dec 2016
So on Black Friday I picked up an X Box One. First time owning that style of system (PS4/XBone). Got a 500 GB one because I didn't think I'd ever need a Terabyte based on my experiences with the PS3, XBox 360 and Wii U.

I didn't realize that despite owning the physical discs, the games for some reason still have to install onto the system for large amounts of GB's. Like, two games I have for it, Killer Instinct Definitive Edition and Final Fantasy XV, are 100 GB's alone. I have like 4 games and I've already used 32.3% of the storage space. That's going to run out pretty quickly @_@.

Hoping you can buy external HD's for it or something.
Comment on Chapter 16 Page 27- Falling of Evil Plan
Sol, November 29th, 2016, 6:01 pm
So, she took advantage of the fact that he said he can't control more than one thing. His sense of justice will want to protect her, as that's what Superheroes do, which means he'd injure himself or worse in the process.

Risky, but smart. Though it looks like Kevin's going to really focus and manage to protect them both.
Comment on Chapter 48 - Page 19 of The Lone Swordsman
Sol, 29 Nov 2016
@K.K.: Pre-Ordered my copy, unfortunately it comes out just as I start my work rotation. My fiancee is going to pick it up for me though within the next day or two. The trailers look amazing, hopefully it won't disappoint.
Comment on Chapter 48 - Page 18 of The Lone Swordsman
Sol, 29 Nov 2016
She's pretty much torn between her devotion to Kratos and her love for her brother. She had a lingering thought in her mind that it'd be easier if Masai didn't care about her, and the Shard preyed upon that feeling and fed it. It also fed upon her feelings of not being good enough, which came up when Masai refused to fight.

She was on the cusp of breaking free from the Shard's grasp when Masai took what was essentially a fatal blow just to hug her, but the Shard had one final push back. Masai's last words, added to the fact that Masai suddenly went quiet and wouldn't respond is what drove her to realize her mistake and push the Shard's voices from her mind.
Comment on Chapter 48 - Page 15 of The Lone Swordsman
Sol, 21 Nov 2016
So, just got back from Los Angeles yesterday after being there for the weekend for the Vanguard North America/Latin America Continental Finals.

It was 5 rounds of best of 3, followed by cut to top 4, with top 3 going to the World Finals in Japan. Sadly, I didn't make the cut but I came super close, losing a really close match against the guy who ended up placing 3rd who was the Toronto Champion. I finished 7th overall (sixth after top 4 cut, but there was a tie for 4th (they had to play a tie breaker game) so yeah, 7th overall) and I was pretty happy with how I did.

It was an absolutely amazing experience being able to play against the best of the best and I had a lot of fun. They announced a change in tournament structure starting next year that will have two Regional tournaments for each Region per year instead of one, with the Champion only getting invites straight to the World Final with no Continental level. So, it sounds like I got to go to the last ever Continental, so it was pretty special to be there for that, especially since I had always wanted to participate in that since the World Championship format was announced in 2012.
Comment on Chapter 48 - Page 13 of The Lone Swordsman
Sol, 16 Nov 2016
@K.K.: It's back up to 3.
Comment on Chapter 48 - Page 10 of The Lone Swordsman
Sol, 10 Nov 2016
@K.K.: Possibly. I only got it like a year ago. The third one in the series (not including altered versions of the same storyline)
Comment on Chapter 48 - Page 10 of The Lone Swordsman
Sol, 10 Nov 2016
@K.K.: There's a new Blazblue? Crap, haven't finished the last one yet.
Comment on Chapter 12 Page 30 of Mokepon
Sol, November 7th, 2016, 2:58 pm
Why is the Admin an author of this comic now?

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