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I am a writer by hobby who has been writing webmanga since September of 2006. I have a lot of experience in the field and can come up with ideas fairly quickly. My usual style is Shonen Action/Drama/Romance, but as shown with True Nature, I can handle other genres as well.

NOTE: Due to a massive influx of requests I've been getting lately, I am currently not accepting any further requests to help edit and/or write your comic. This will likely change in the future though, of course.

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The Lone Swordsman - Active, Updates MWF
Goddess Shariah - Hiatus
Shall We Dance? - Hiatus
Eye Hunters - Hiatus
True Nature - Hiatus
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@Captain Ghost: Just wait until you find out how old he actually is.
But wait... isn't this our money to begin with?!
What happened to his eyepatch at the end?
After almost 8 years, he has finally returned!
Guess who it is!
My kids love playing as Junkrat too.
It's the alcohol.
Guess this makes me feel pretty old for referencing it then :P
The RPG I mentioned will be starting on Feb 5th, assuming that I get four more players to send in their character info by then, which is likely.

Again, please check it out at

My web designer's been making some slight aesthetic changes of late that look nice so it's not just a white background anymore.
DBZ Forgotten Age RPG
So, before I ever did webcomics, I made Forum RPG's. And I was feeling nostalgic so I'm trying to bring that back, even though they aren't very popular these days. But I still find them super fun.

Anyways, I have started a new Dragon Ball Z themed Forum RPG called Forgotten Age, which can be located at

The site banner and Race banners were all designed by K.K., so thanks again for those.

In the game you can play as one of the ten pre-created Races or you can make your own (even from a different media all together, which sometimes turns it into more of an Anime RPG). You can also be good or evil, and the game rewards player skill over how much money and time you have to play the game.

So, again, please check it out at!
Kat hasn't had a chance to wear casual clothing for awhile now, so it was nice to be able to have her in a scene where she's not all dressed up for battle. She looks good here.
Text bubbles are backwards in that last panel.

The first line is Siska’s and the second one is Kiro’s.
Celene calls Nether an "Observer" here which is to say that she's Omniscient. This was hinted at last chapter when Nether, in her Fortune Teller form, stated that her "third eye" (fortune teller speak) allowed her to see everything that happened on Earth, including Heaven and Hell. Celene's the only one who knew Nether was actually Omniscient though, but considering she always seems to appear when someone wants her to, it was kind of hinted at before that she had that ability.

Also, have to say, Celene's looking sharp.
Admittedly I got a little teary eyed writing this scene, really feeling the emotions of my characters, thinking back to all they had been through and how Stephanie was torn from him for 10 years, thinking him dead only for him to return but with a fate to die again.

Stephanie is daring to defy Fate, believing in the possibility that she can break the cycle and save Kai.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
December 11th, 2017
Just got to reading this comic now, so this comment might not get read. Really enjoyed it, but the comic felt incomplete. Like, Sandrus seemed to still be up to something sinister with what he said at the end but nothing came of it. It felt like there was still a fair bit unresolved. Did you just decide to end it in spite of that?
This will be another short chapter. I was actually going to have this all be a part of the next chapter, but it was going on a bit too long so I figured it'd be better to have it be its own chapter, and just added a few other scenes to flesh it out.
Always check for a pulse.