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^ Follow me on Twitter for any news relating to Sol's Dawning Creations (my comics and anything else that I may produce go under that label) will be posted there.

I am a writer by hobby who has been writing webmanga since September of 2006. I have a lot of experience in the field and can come up with ideas fairly quickly. My usual style is Shonen Action/Drama/Romance, but as shown with True Nature, I can handle other genres as well.

NOTE: Due to a massive influx of requests I've been getting lately, I am currently not accepting any further requests to help edit and/or write your comic. This will likely change in the future though, of course.

Comic Status

The Lone Swordsman - Active, Updates MWF
Goddess Shariah - Hiatus
Shall We Dance? - Hiatus
Eye Hunters - Hiatus
True Nature - Hiatus
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For those who forgot, Kamaitachi is the same technique that Kat used in Part 5 when she killed Criminosuke in Chapter 45.
When I started voice acting, I once did Zelander’s monologue over the last two pages as it showcases varying emotions and switching between them quickly.
The once cool and collected Zelander, after having experienced pain for the first time in over 75,000 years, is starting to unravel... but that might not be a good thing...
Fun Zelander Fact that I wasn't able to fit in to his backstory!

Zelander wears his hair to resemble Saras, the only person he ever cared about other than himself, in honour of her memory.
@Captain Ghost: Thanks Ghost! Happy New Year to you too!
Will's probably going to sabotage the plan.
Still seems like mind control to me.
Times have been fairly tough of late for my family financially. If you could read this and donate if you can and share if you can't, we'd really appreciate it!
>tfw you realize this was uploaded on September 18th as Private.

How far in advance do you make your pages?
@K.K.: Just a tad.
Well, this art style was a blast from the past for me. I'm interested in seeing more.
Riverdale is just so vastly different from the comics that I don't even want to give the show a chance.
@K.K.: lol, yeah, it's from Episode 3, the battle between Anakin and Kenobi. The scene that this is referencing has been used in a fair amount of memes. When I realized some of the similarities, I couldn't resist.
@K.K.: Thousands of years of resentment and bottled up rage can do that to a person :P.
During the first battle against Zelander, there was a moment when K.K. said it was "too soon to beat mid boss."

I chuckled to myself at the time because I don't think he realized just how insanely powerful Zelander truly is.
Not going to lie, I got the idea that we are in the "Northern" Quadrant of the Universe from Dragon Ball Z :P.
As I'm a little strapped for funds at the moment, I may be letting my domain name of expire in October.

Please use in the future.

That said, we have officially been doing this for 12 years now!
We've had a similar acronym show up when Zelander disappeared at the end of Part 2. The true nature of Zelander will be revealed next chapter!
Oh, and speaking on air quality index... apparently breathing our air right now is equivalent to smoking 7 cigarettes a day o.o. It's as bad as 18.9 cigarettes a day if you're in Prince George.
Keep us updated on the visual novel! I'll check it out when it comes out!