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I am a writer by hobby who has been writing webmanga since September of 2006. I have a lot of experience in the field and can come up with ideas fairly quickly. My usual style is Shonen Action/Drama/Romance, but as shown with True Nature, I can handle other genres as well.

NOTE: Due to a massive influx of requests I've been getting lately, I am currently not accepting any further requests to help edit and/or write your comic. This will likely change in the future though, of course.

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The Lone Swordsman - Active, Updates MWF
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Well, I mean, he's KIND of late... just in a different meaning of the word <.<.
Lunix is the only Guardian that was mentioned previously when the first hint of the Guardians was dropped, wayyyyy back in Chapter 18 - Page 11.
Ah, sorry about that, good call, K.K.

This is the last page of the “epilogue style” pages. There’s still 8 more pages in the normal style coming up this chapter.

Also, fun fact. I had a concept of a "tournament" at the start of Season 3 that I scrapped because it didn't advance the plot in any way. It had a Jr division and a Sr division, which would have had Kajiro and Kikia fighting in the final of the Jr division, with Kikia winning albeit it being extremely close.

The Sr division would have been between Kratos and Kai, with again Kai winning a close fight. It would have also featured Saizo as a Commentator throughout.

It was a fun concept and would have had some cool fights, but yeah, didn't translate to a comic very well and would have taken way too long for something that didn't further the plot.
inb4 Alice survives and ends up putting Stanley into a Computer like he did to Will.
Nice to finally meet you after almost 15 years since I came up with you two, Kajiro and Kikia.

“Chosen Ones” is somewhat accurate. Nether worked a lot of magic to make them possible.

Kajiro and Kikia will be the protagonists of Season 3, so I hope you all grow to like them!
I didn't give an epilogue to Si Siske. His existence was more important for Saizo's development, admittedly, and he won't be appearing in Season 3. Basically, he went and did cop things and acted as the true heir to the Siske clan since Saizo joined the Prowlers. Wasn't big enough for me to dedicate any page space to. I wanted to give a slight shout out to Helen though, due to her appearances throughout Season 2 and how important her initial death was to Kai in Season 1.

I might be able to get some cameos for Kiro in at some point in Season 3, but Helen likely won't be reappearing.
So... Siska and Masai becoming a couple wasn't in my original design. In fact, I wasn't expecting it to happen when it did happen back in Chapter 39. It just ended up naturally flowing that way.

Siska's always been one of my favourite characters of mine, to a point that sometimes I can even "feel" her be able to tell me her feelings and how things should go with her when I'm writing for her. That was the case with Chapter 39, as I felt Siska guide me to that path and let me know that it was what she wanted.

However, at the time, I was still doubtful of their relationship, so I decided that when we got this point, I would write that their constant bickering would lead to on again/off again relationships until they decided to just remain close friends so they didn't grow to resent each other.

I also thought it to be more realistic if not all of the relationships worked out.

But when it came to actually writing that... I hesitated. It didn't feel right. I talked to my wife and K.K. about their thoughts, but in the end it was Siska herself that I found myself turning to in making the final decision.

In Season 2, we learned that the things that Siska valued the most were the feelings of "Home" and "Family." To a point where she found herself in tears after the battle with Zelander as people started to go their separate ways, thinking her little family with them, her home, was going away.

The bickering she had with Masai had also taken a much different tone from when she was a teenager. While before it was meant to be somewhat hurtful, it was more playful this time.

I almost felt silly for thinking their relationship wouldn't work out when I factored all of that in. So I gave in and let it happen :).

I also realized that I felt they would actually make pretty good parents, so decided to give them kids as well. Shout out to my wife for helping me come up with names for them.

And yes, they have yellow eyes because they are Half Demons. They can't transform into a Demon form like Masai though.
This marks the end of the last chapter of Part 6. There will be an 18 page epilogue to mark the end of Season 2, but it is not yet the end.

There will be a Season 3, which will be the final season and also the shortest one.

Season 2 ended up being a fair bit longer than Season 1, but I hope you all enjoyed it.
@SpaceEV: She's the Exec that recruited Atticus.
Kai's probably the only one that knew why Siska was upset. The moment they shared about what "Home" meant to her when he rescued her from the shard's influence made it perfectly clear to him.
September 27th, 2019
I do have to agree with Lordxana on that point a bit. We're constantly shown how smart he and Alice are, and Stanley knows that Amazingman has the same powers as him, but better. You'd think he would have had set up the battlefield to be more in his favour than he did. I kept expecting there to be more to his plan than there was for that fight. Or for Alice/Dr. Dynamis to be more involved in it than she was.

It's not the ending in itself I have a problem with, just the final battle was a tad... anticlimatic considering how easily he lost.
September 22nd, 2019
Wait, did she just acknowledge that she's the one who messed up with Daisy?
@K.K.: I mean, Nether also made it happen, so...
September 19th, 2019
One of these days I feel like I need to re-read this comic from the beginning as I've forgotten some stuff.
When I first came up with Celene, I always planned on this being the part where her sexuality was officially revealed. Back then, I had planned on having this scene where everyone was comically shocked at this reveal, but obviously still accepting of her.

However, when I got to actually writing the scene... that no longer felt right. It's 2019 and a lot has changed since then. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it anymore, with the only real reaction being Kat finally realizing why Celene always acted strangely around her.

However, I still wanted it to be said in canon, even if there were plenty of hints to it prior, so that's what this little scene was for.
August 28th, 2019
Still wondering when we're going to find out what she did and what he did that landed him in prison.
Back in Chapter 51 - Page 37, Kai was talking with someone after Kratos' death. That person was Rhiannon, whose soul joined with his for a time.
@K.K.: lol, nah, Kai can only revive those whose souls he's absorbed. He absorbed Si Siske's soul in the Tower of Memory arc.
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