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Sometimes I feel like writing new comics, and I go to my stockpile and see there are still a couple I haven't uploaded. Today was one of those days. Enjoy!
At the time of writing this it's like, 300 degrees kelvin in my room, and my brain has melted so if you thought I was uncreative with my annotations before, you ain't seen nothing yet.
I don't really have much to say... You may have noticed that about the annotations of late. I haven't really 'said' anything in, like, a year...

Darths and Droids has ended, so that's a thing. Well, not really ended, ended... just gone on a break until it re-boots with the sequels. Man, can you imagine what it'd be like if this comic took 10 weeks with no uploads...
Oh wait...
Si vous avez pris le temps de traduire cela, je pense que vous devriez savoir que je suis très impressionné.

Avoir des points Internet sans signification.
Attends une seconde...
Pourquoi je parle en français?
Et pourquoi ma grammaire est-elle si douteuse?

Oh non, l'auteur a découvert Google Translate à nouveau...

Et maintenant, il obtient une méta?!

C'est une catastrophe!
Je pense que je l'ai préféré quand il n'écrivait pas...
Ceci est une annotation.
Ce n'est pas une comique.
Shhh... You see nothing...
I suppose at some point I should talk about Shae, and it might as well be now as I'm procrastinating from doing my assignments. In series one, most of the players were portraying perspective characters from the books (with the exception of Geri as Bronn) but as the series progresses there are fewer and fewer times when two or more perspective characters share screentime, and constant discussion between the GM and one PC becomes repetitive. That's why Phoebe's with Lizzie and Sean, and Kelly has joined Nick and Geri in King's Landing. At the moment, only Will and Geri's second character, Jaime, are on their own (and that might be rectified in the next episode with the introduction of a certain as-yet-unknown knight) and neither of them has been having much screentime thus far. Hopefully that's been keeping things interesting.

Well, as interesting as they can be with an average of less than one comic a week. Hang in there! Only 18 more months of university (and then I've only got the rest of my life to get in the way...)
One of the reasons I don't have time to write comics so much these days is that I'm playing a lot more actual D&D in real life, which leaves less opportunity to imagine Game of Thrones D&D in my head. There have been a lot of interesting things I'd like to talk about, if only I had more time, including:

-> The fight with the giant scorpian, wherein my tiny character took cover from the pincer attacks by flying into the scorpians mouth (it didn't go well).
-> My players almost killing the main antagonist of the series 5 levels too early because I rolled tremendously badly in their first encounter with him.
-> Accidently sinking the entire city of Waterdeep (henceforth known as Deepwater) 200' below sea level to protect it from a shower of small pebbles (D10000 Wild Magic tables are crazy guys).
-> My Dwarf wizard/fighter who has an armour class of 30, and has yet to be hit by anything other than one of his allies (who has hit him 3 times).
Happy Valentines Day readers. That's right I saved up this specially selected comic for a holdiay occasion, so it lined up perfectly with the story...

Well that's clearly not true. I'm late for a lecture so I don't have time to check which comic it is, but from the thumbnail I'm guessing today was the 'Fart joke' comic about the stark/lannister guardsmen. Truely romantic...
Aha! Delayed comic that was actually on time, but wasn't early as some of you might have expected!

Did I get you? I had just told you not to trust me. This is a Game of Thrones comic after all and we all know how well trusting people goes.

New comic... Whenever...
Ahh! Expected comic!

Though to be honest, you really shouldn't be trusting anything I say any more.

New comic on Monday.
Boo! Suprise Comic!

(Blah blah work blah)

More on Thursday...
Wait, no, I have one more!

Apparently I hadn't set this comic to upload when I was doing all the others before Christmas (which sucks because it's sort of an important one in the grang scheme of things). While I was adrift in a land without wi-fi I put together 12 more comics (using slightly different software, so I've got to re-edit them substantially to fit in with the format) but those will be appearing on the site, in one form or another, over the next 6 weeks.

I don't know when I'm going to get a chance to do any more writing though, so the future beyond that is a little uncertain.
Fun trivia time: Lena Headey was so emotionally invested in the scene that she actually shoved Peter Dinklage over onto an actual stone floor. That's true commitment to a role right there.
Doesn't work so well in the battle scenes though.
RIP Extras...
@SomeGuy: You might want to check that agin...
#cryptic #dopeoplestillputhastagsinthings? #ohgodsI'mold #dontputapostraphiesinhashtags
As of uploading this, I've reached the end of the backlog (hopefully you weren't expecting too much from my cryptic pre-Christmas annotations). I think I'll aim to finish off this session though (it's not many more comics, and they wrap up quite nicely (if I do say so myself) and I've got scripts written up as far as episode 3, so I might sacrifice quality for a while and just get a barebones comic out for those) but I don't know what'll happen beyond that.

Either way, this probably isn't the last of me you'll see, even if it takes a while to get back on track (second year of University is hard guys).
Twas the night before Christmas, and all 'cross the site,
Not an author was stirring, not even a mite.
The comments were hung, b'low the comics with care,
In hopes that an issue would soon be there.

The readers were left in a terrible state.
He said there'd be new ones, and now they're quite late.
They'd given up hope, and quite rightly too.
SomeGuy announced that it stopped midway through.

When then on the page there arose such a chatter,
'This comics quite different. Is something the matter?'
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a whole brand new webcomic, waiting right here.

'Now, Eddard! Now Catelyn! Now Tyrion and Bronn,
On Arya! On Shae! On Gendril (so on...)!
You're back from the dead, at least for a while,
So throw another comic on the pile.'

And he did deliver, he writ on the page,
With peotry, not sure if cheesey or sage,
So now he exclaims, as he struggles for words,
'This will do for now, see you later nerds!'

Happy New Year from a Game of Roleplay. Let's hope this year goes better than last.