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Man, it's really hard to see what's going on in this really dark scene. Sure hope they don't make an entire, highly pivotal episode set entirely in near total darkness...
Poor Shagga. I feel the mountain clansmen got screwed over in both show and books, (though especially the show).

They're pretty important to Tyrion's story in book 1, then appear a bit in book 2, and then are quietly gotten rid of by Tywin before the start of book 3.

I'd have liked to see Bronn and the mountain clans scaling The Eyrie to kill Littlefinger and Sweetrobin. Would have been far better then season 8.

But then... 10 hours of footage of the Wall slowly melting would have been better than season 8...
As a bearded man myself... I'd probably be fine with this.

I accidentally made the left side shorter than the right, and ended up shaving off the whole thing.

The next day I accepted a 'Beard of the Year' award. The audience was very confused...
Hey, I came back.

It's the second wave of uploads, and I've just finished writing the last comic for this chapter. Whoop whoop!

At time of writing, the first comic in the return uploads tomorrow, which is exciting. I won't be doing too much to celebrate except sitting between two large fans, eating Ice Cream and watching Netflix.

It's very hot in the UK right now (or, as you're reading this, like 3 weeks ago...)
Right, this is the last one I'm uploading today, I've got to go to work.

I've got more strips finished, so if this is the last thing to ever appear on the site I'm a right nob, and you should tell me that.
Fire makes everything almost exclusively worse.

Unless you're cold.

Or having a barbeque...
So how are things?

It's been a while. I'm uploading these all on the same day (in mid-July), so I don't know if anyone's even noticed I'm back.

But hey, I just saw that the comic's had nearly 500,000 lifetime page-views, which is pretty awesome.

If you have returned, thanks. And I'm sorry about disappearing...

It'll probably happen again...
I won't say I entirely revived the comic in order to show off the panel placement at the end there, but it did help...
Now this one I know I wrote this year.

At some point I started finishing putting images scripts I had written ages ago, just for fun. I actually really enjoyed making this back in the day and it's a good time waster while watching netflix.

But I think it was the motivation of a deadline that kept me going, so here goes. Consistant uploads back on the old 3 times a week schedule for as long as I can keep up. I'm finally going to finish this goddamn episode.

See you for the inevitable collapse into obscurity again in a month's time

Looks like I wrote this one this year. Or at least, I finished putting it together this year...

Or I corrected some mistakes before exporting it...

That's not even close to being right. I really have been gone a while haven't I?

Don't look at the calendar, look at the watermark in the corner. That's when these were uploaded right..?
Dead? Dead!?

What is dead may never die.

Unless the dead thing's arch-enemy's younger sister kills it with a backflip to subvert our expectations.
Sometimes I feel like writing new comics, and I go to my stockpile and see there are still a couple I haven't uploaded. Today was one of those days. Enjoy!
At the time of writing this it's like, 300 degrees kelvin in my room, and my brain has melted so if you thought I was uncreative with my annotations before, you ain't seen nothing yet.
I don't really have much to say... You may have noticed that about the annotations of late. I haven't really 'said' anything in, like, a year...

Darths and Droids has ended, so that's a thing. Well, not really ended, ended... just gone on a break until it re-boots with the sequels. Man, can you imagine what it'd be like if this comic took 10 weeks with no uploads...
Oh wait...
Si vous avez pris le temps de traduire cela, je pense que vous devriez savoir que je suis très impressionné.

Avoir des points Internet sans signification.
Attends une seconde...
Pourquoi je parle en français?
Et pourquoi ma grammaire est-elle si douteuse?

Oh non, l'auteur a découvert Google Translate à nouveau...

Et maintenant, il obtient une méta?!

C'est une catastrophe!
Je pense que je l'ai préféré quand il n'écrivait pas...
Ceci est une annotation.