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Slimey Jenkins
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A bit of background behind this cover
My Multimedia Class had an assignment where we had to design a Swiss-Styled Poster, so I decided to base mine on my main Nuzlocke Comic since I had it put on hiatus at the time

I'll edit this to let you know what grade I got for it for those interested
Crystals! Punch 'Em!
Catch Count: 6/6
Looky here, I finally updated this comic after way too long

Here we finally meet the rest of the Teammates (including the one I boxed even though I spent all that time evolving him early), bypassing a lot of the in-game story elements and just getting to the meat of things. I consider the Primo Eggs fair game since A. the only requirement IS to get a password that you can easily access now with a website, and B. You'd be daft if I was going to pass up an easy Mareep. This ultimately meant I would pass up a chance at catching a Gastly early on and thus not having a Gengar later (Which I do admit was a bit of a missed opportunity), but hey, sometimes you gotta make sacrifices.
And here's the end of Chapter 2, we got several characters introduced, finally established a setting, and took way too long to make it

Next chapter will be introducing more teammates, the first gym and who knows what else hopefully
Here's another extra comic based solely off a joke that sounded better in my head. I decided to make all these extra comics feature the monster forms of the characters since I have no clue how often I'll draw them.

Pokemon (especially feral/stray ones) tend to have a more "Survival of the fittest" mentality and thus don't have any sense of personal property, thankfully this can be taught through simple training, however younger pokemon (Like Pups and Rio here) tend to take longer to learn this concept due to their developing minds.
Finally, the last of ASoB's Starter Trio has a Reference
As a slight change of pace, I decided to make an "Ask the Cast" segment for this comic

If you all are interested, head over to and drop a question in the comments there
As a slight change of pace, I decided to make an "Ask the Cast" segment for my Nuzlocke Comic, this is where you can ask the cast or mod of the ASoB comic anything. I'll do my best to update this as often as I can, though keep in mind I do have my main comic to work on.

I plan on adding more characters in the future, though I'm just doing the main ones for now.

- You cannot ask anything that spoils the plot of the comic
- Keep questions relatively SFW (meaning don't ask anything fetish-related)
- No Roleplaying asks ever

So without further ado, post your questions in the comments, and be sure to read my comic to understand what's going on at
After a 6-Month Hiatus, I finally have a new Page up, though next two pages will have a TON of panels, so I have no clue how long THAT will take sadly

So I think it's plainly obvious that I decided to take a few... liberties with the plot (if changing the characters' personality didn't make that blaintantly obvious), but I figured this isn't an alien concept (fuck, abridged series and gijinka comics do this all the time and no one bats an eye) so I figured we'll see where this goes
Here's ASoB Bianca (Or BINO as I like to call her at this point given how many liberties I took with her)
Here's Other Doggo, next on the Ref List after this for now is Bianca and Fluffy

Don't worry, this comic will return soon
Banananananananananananana tonight!

(I swear no one is gonna get that reference)
*Big Enough Intensifies*
Well if the comic is on hiatus anyways, I may as well take advantage of it and make more Bio pages

Don't worry: Cheren's life is actually MORE depressing than I'm letting on, though I sadly can't elaborate on anything more without venturing into spoiler territory
Just wait until she evolves, the pain'll get much worse
I had completely forgotten to upload the next page here, sorry about that
@Koal: No it isn't, Grass and Water types get chosen more there too
@Koal: and that's still nonsense, I've read a lot of Nuzlocke fiction over the years, the types are typically chosen most often are either Grass or Water types

this claim you're making has very little to no merit whatsoever