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Bigger, better and even more disgusting! Bad things and sad thoughts ensued, as our not-so-favorite princess will be on an adventure that will be a little bigger than Sanic Oh-Shit. Stay tuned, it's gonna be weird.
Jew Santa confirmed!Let's see how Annie got in the situation she's in. Stay tuned!
If Alejandro gets there before Max, she's basically Mc Fucked, and not in the sexy way. I wonder how can a soon-to-be-dead person have the will to eat knowing he/she won't have the time to even digest it, because thy'll get killed. Geez, creepy thought goin' on... Stay tuned for less creepy shit, and even a flashback.
Yep, 5 pages in and we already have blatant fanservice... Stay tuned!
Who said junk food just made you live less? Our girl proves that eating at Mc D's can, sometimes, make you live more. Stay tuned!
That is one hell of a detour, he must be dense as hell to make such a mistake, huh? Stay tuned.
The actual comic starts next page, hang in there!
Enjoy the crystal clear retro goodness of Vapor Rise! Stay tuned for more.
Anal sex is one of those things where the POV counts greatly. Stay tuned, folks, the worst webcomic in the entire internet just came back after a short break! There will be a new page sometime this week.
@metallictunefilms: Nope, I wish I did...
Theres only one way to truly know a person, and that would be knowing what kind of porn he/she faps to. Stay tuned for more!
No dialogue on this one, it's unpolite to speak with a full mouth... Stay tuned for more.
Our two weirdos finally came to an agreement on how to do their... stuff. How will this turn out? Stay tuned to find out.
@Guest: True, you got a point. That kind of stuff happens for more than a decade, I believe. To make things worse, it isn't even difficult to make pixel art without ripping and using bases if you know what you're doing! I decided to do it myself to see if spritinng from scratch was difficult enough to justify the use of ripped stuff, and I think it's sort of easy, as long as you're not lazy. I should post the resulting sprite here someday...
Eggfuck's a bit too anxious to get it done, as his companion doesn't seem to be utterly terrified about what will happen. Is there something we don't know? Stay tuned.
And that's the first of many horrible things to come! Stay tuned.
She shouldn't be complaining, Eggfuck could be fond of watersports! Wait, does he? Stay tuned!
Dude, old fart says old memes... I'm surprised he didnn't spurt any pingas joke yet! lol

Stay tuned for more, always use a condom and remember: winners don't use drugs, the only exception to that are the Olympics!
@Moonskilled: I've put a disclaimer on page 2, have you seen it? Allow me to quote it:

"I do not claim ownership of any characters, they belong to Sega".

Besides that, I don't add insult to the injury by ripping their actual products to get stuff from them, and that's the very border between parodies and taking others intellectual property.

Let's say that you decide to parody a comic of mine, and you draw my characters in different situations and all. It's fair use (Silver's voice here), or even fanart. When you do the same joke, but taking an actual pic I drew, it gets messed up.
That was one hell of a fun hing to do! I wish I didn't have to, though. Fuck, if I actually tried to get every single shit they do, this page would have at least 1GB annd 10000 pixels of height!