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Own It Girl!
I think Rain should confidently walk up to the stage, accept her crown and lay a big wet one on her Queen!
Drew is growing on me. He's almost as adorable as Ky.
April 29th, 2017
No matter what happens, Rain will be all the stronger for it. She always is.
It seemed like Setsuko was seeing Yui for the first time.
Chibi Hime
I like that Satsuko called Yui little princess.
Yeah, I get it. It's still a silly rule. What two people do in their own room is their business.
It's a silly rule. What the two of them do in their own bedroom is their business. Besides, I feel mom is allowing the relationship because of Yui's health problems which might limit her time for happiness.
I love how considerate Hitomi is being and how supportive she is of their unconventional relationship. (Yes, I'm rereading *thumbs up!*
The guitar looks right, but generally guitarists of that level will play the guitar on their propped up left leg. Like this:
Happy now.
I just discovered this comic and am very happy you are starting up again. I think the characters are wonderful. Thank you.
Tits. Tatas. Girls. Dirty pillows. (Cookie for anyone who knows that one.)
Awww, they're so cute.
September 10th, 2015
I'm re-reading the comic and absolutely love this page knowing what's coming. Heehee.
Happy Birthday
Mine was the 27th. Geminis rule!