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Ed Weird
The author of Ed Weird needs more sleep, more vampire memorabilia, and possibly more drawing lessons. Aside from that, everything's peachy!
IMPORTANT: please read!
We're going on a brief hiatus for real life purposes: I'm moving to a new city. Because I'm traveling light, I'm not bringing my scanner, which will make updating rather difficult until I'm fully moved in. To sweeten the deal, though, I'll be sharing digital drawings and cheap commissions over at in the meantime. Feel free to drop by and check things out!

We'll be back as soon as we can, and thanks for reading! c:
as a little treat for you guys, a pinup! featuring the lynch in all his mad toothy glory and annuska, an upcoming character. see you guys on the next update, and happy hallowe'en C:
Sorry for making you guys wait so long... more pages are coming shortly. Kudos to you, if you're still here ;)
Ladies and germs, boils and ghouls, I present to you...

the Lynch.

Coming soon to a fiasco near you.
i DO live! :D
or at least i persist at being undead? one of those. :>