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Well, hi, my names LouBa and I have never done digital art
My favourite webcomics are Off-White (Amazing art!) Strays, Fey Winds, Dreamcatcher, Thunder Fang, Rumplestiltskin and Myths of Unova. Tala's. All have amazing art and story!
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So glad u made up Reg and didn't rush your nuzlocke, such amazing art and story, soo cute!! :):D
This is so good!! So original and fresh! Love it :D great storyline and art is amazing
I bet Gold messes it up by saying 'that was way better than that time you were dead', if he can talk
I feel sorry for the wolf... :(
Wow! Your art has suddenly jumped up in quality! I love these two pages ^^
Who said who's love you? And who was the one who made the first move in the page before?
Uh oh... this is going to be awkward... (is that Rose?)
This comic is awsome!! Your take on a different prospective is very original and i will always love the sinnoh run the best :D
SILVER!!!!!!!!! Yayaayayay!!! Your back!!!
I see you still haven't cut your hair...
That's one way to get killed by an earthquake...
BEST APRIL FOOLS JOKE! I'm being knocked down with all this detail and anime! ;)
AAAAAAAAHHHH YOUR BACK!!! WOOOO!!! So happy to see these two again and your amazing art :D hope u had a nice break :)
Can't wait to see another year of your amazing art and these brilliant idiots ;D :D <3<3
*very loud external screaming*
There are classes like that!? That sounds so awesome!!! :D
Congrats on 100 pages!!!
February 18th, 2016
Can't wait!! Your work is amazing!!
Is that a wee blush I see ;) I hope things don't get too awkward <3
Stunning ;)