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I think I'm a badass.
To bad no one else does.

I predict screaming in the future.
@Sapphire: 9 months. 9 months and it took this long for someone to point this out. *jumps off cliff to spell-check-is-dead-land*
Is Guitar spelled wrong or is a Quitar a type of actual instrument?
Don't worry Cain, you ain't alone! I'm not to big into the whole gods thing either. But for different reasons.

I'm excited to see how you portray an atheist in a world where gods are shown to be real! Keep it up!
Any of you got that sibling? Because I was that sibling.
And I am not sorry for it.

(Hope ya like the page :D)
Well... I'm back!
Totally didn't mean to disappear for that long. It tends to happen.... The longer we get to know each other you'll either learn to get used to it, or end up loathing me for leaving the story on cliff hangers for a month.

(I have no excuses fr being gone, I'm just not organised and have poor management skills.)
@KaiterSkate: Workin' it!
I know people can be jealous of their friends making new friends, but holy shit Debbie why ya gotta be such a bitch about it??

love this comic btw
SCHOOOL'S OUT FOR.... uh... well until Monday.
AAAAAAAAnd I'm back from the edge of space, sorry about that~
These last few pages are to much. It's too sweet I'M gonna puke. It's like taking a shot of vanilla extract!
@Sofia: Ana hasn't acted in anyway evil for the time weve known her! Yes, she's afraid, but not hateful! She has in no way let on that she would out Rain if she herself was ever questioned! We've interacted with Ana a handful of times and so we have no real read on her character but from what we've seen she's not evil, just scared and wanting to be herself and have good friends,
And there's the pain.
That's gonna leave a stain...
That's gonna leave a mark...
@Chrism Storm Fire: I like this comment. I like character analysis. Keep it up :U
Meet James!
Now the whole gang is here! :D
Derek, Dalton, James and Jola!