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I think I'm a badass.
To bad no one else does.

Oh uh hey, no attempt to make you stress you out more, but Juras missing arm swapped places in the last panel.
YAY ACTION SCENES and the fear they place into an artists heart.
He's telling on you, he's telling an no one is going to stop him.

Huh, seems Derek got a hit in, then promptly took several.
There;s a spelling errors :O
"red" not read

Good page! You're a real inspiration to get better at figuring out how to do backgrounds.I tried to use the sight you said you did and BOOII my computer could not handle it lmao
October 8th, 2018
Kei's scars are missing :Y
hope you don't mind if i ask, HOW YOU DRAW ROOM BACK GROUND I MEAN HOLY SHIT i can't draw a bed to save my life ;__;
He asked you to do one thing, James. One thing. And you did the opposite.

How to embarrass your little brother 101.
Derek, buddy. You should really know better by know! I mean damn!

This comic takes place in Texas. James, Jola and Dalton speak with varyingly thick southern U.S. accents.
Dalton being the thickest, Jola being the least noticeable, James' kind of peaks out when he's emotional. Derek however, is not from Texas. But he does have accent and it's very noticeable.
James is 5''4. But he can lift his own weight. James is all muscle, Derek is all hot air. Do the math.
C'mon guys? Can't we just hug it out? No? Fuck...
This is friendship.
Josh "Trying to keep his nerd older brother a secret" Laureen.
The harder you try, the weirder he'll act, kid.
The 2nd and 3rd panels are... kinda weird? Is it just me or is Takashi's butt a bit to high for his pickle to be near Hiros butt? Hiros butt is flat on the mattress and Takashi's is half way up his thigh. Like if Hiro was a girl this would look fine, but the bootyhole is a lot lower then where Takashi's pickle would be in that position. (They'd be pickle to pickle here)

I really love this comic, I just thought this seemed a bit off.
Originally the swastika was a Buddhist symbol, if you get shit about "nazi boxes" just say they're "Buddist Boxes"
I predict screaming in the future.
@Sapphire: 9 months. 9 months and it took this long for someone to point this out. *jumps off cliff to spell-check-is-dead-land*
Is Guitar spelled wrong or is a Quitar a type of actual instrument?
Don't worry Cain, you ain't alone! I'm not to big into the whole gods thing either. But for different reasons.

I'm excited to see how you portray an atheist in a world where gods are shown to be real! Keep it up!
Any of you got that sibling? Because I was that sibling.
And I am not sorry for it.

(Hope ya like the page :D)
Well... I'm back!
Totally didn't mean to disappear for that long. It tends to happen.... The longer we get to know each other you'll either learn to get used to it, or end up loathing me for leaving the story on cliff hangers for a month.

(I have no excuses fr being gone, I'm just not organised and have poor management skills.)