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I got a wii, DS, ps3 (kethizzle), and 360 (gamertag: kethizzle360). You can check out my youtube page (also kethizzle) for more hilarity. I love heavy metal (among other music), movies, and video games. Favorite TV shows: Family Guy, South Park, Colbert Report, Daily Show.

Thanks to a movie called AKIRA, I'm kind of a casual anime fan. I like Samurai Champloo, Hellsing, and Vampire Hunter D.

Up the mo' fuckin Irons, bitches!
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November 26th, 2007
yeah it did suck...


nah seriously, haven't seen it yet. But I'd like to see it in 3D IMAX. No matter how bad the movie is... it would still be an eye orgasm.
now that's the spirit! :D

uh... it's a SHE. GOD!!

jk I wouldn't subject a male dog to that. Pure humiliation. My male was vader.
this one's my dog.

for real.
wah wow wee wow...
It's been awhile guys... I'm-a try to update regularly again. But if it's not too much to ask... ya think you guys could submit more stuff when things are goin slow? I don't wanna bust yer balls (that's why I don't have deadlines or anything), but I'd like to keep things a bit more consistant.

I don't require dedication from you guys (I know you're all busy people), but I trust you guys to put up a lil somethin every now and then.
k... need 2 more...
lol i love poking around the monsters sitting on the card. it's really cool... i might get it.
post yer costume below and I'll be sure to include ya. Yeah that's right... multi-part holiday extravaganza ftw.
it sure is darvis. it sure is.

I dunno. I wanted us all to be flashing a hand sign (you were originally the middle finger)... but I thought I'd be a bit more creative. So I came between the "vulcan" symbol and shootin a web spidey-style. The choice was easy. It just felt right.
HEY that's not half bad! :D

Dang... that rivals my paint skills. :P
it's okay dude. I'll take the higher road.
Hey sometimes a pimp's gotta slap his hoes to keep 'em in line.
Normally I wouldn't call someone out through a comic (like a bitch), but it had to be done.

A certain somebody (whose name I will not mention because I have DIGNITY) is on NOTICE.
I put up a midnite release and 2 part review... wtf dude. Don't make me make you shorter on the banner! I believe I also gave manhunt 2 and mysims some cred.

Doooood the wii has the best holiday line-up EASY... and as an owner of all 3 next-gen consoles I can honestly admit there is no definite winner. I loves them all.

oh and btw... I've had no red ring problems, probably cuz I'm awesome. ass face :D
in some parts of the world, yes. but thanks to whiny parents commitees among other things... its been delayed in the US for SOME time.
well theres your problem!

and you CAN'T convince me that no one you know doesn't have it. no excuse. go play it. GO!
yeah its great. that guest was me. I'm cool.
Yeah i'm a HUGE webhead myself... I actually enjoyed the third one a lot more than most.

It had Bruce Campbell's funniest cameo AND

Evil Peter Parker pwning MJ @ the jazz club= FUCKING PRICELESS.

Overall I guess if they eliminated the Sandman character the movie would have been better. But in the end I thought it was a great piece of entertainment (don't get me STARTED on the fight scenes!). Topher Grace played a surprisingly good Brock/Venom, too. I hope they make another... with the effing Lizard or Mysterio.
mmmkay guys. last night i beat it on Heroic. The story was a letdown, but the level design and the new additions more than make up for it. It's absolutely excellent.
am i seriously the only one here who owns a 360? Damn...

you guys GOTTA get on that. or the ps3. they're both great.