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Moon light madness
Back~ Yay!
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So like... is this gonna update soon?
This fish lady is my fav.
Huh... learn something new every day.
And with this ends the introduction chapter! On to the next chapter for our employees!
Look at that girl. Being all creepy and shet.
If Terrance didn't step in,Venus would have gone on for much longer.
Also updated the worker and citizens page!
You're excused because those twins are creepy as heck!
Venus won't be on the Vicky Von news any time soon. And yes, everything at Lana's shop is alive. xD (Or the material that make the eyes are crap.)
Summers here!
With summer break FINALLY here I can update this place. Updates from now on will be on Monday and Fridays from now on. Till then here's pointless filler for ya!
Girl he don't want you. It's time to move on...
After you stuck your tentacle in his mouth I can understand why he doesn't want to listen to you.
It's getting dusty in here.
I had already put this character in a comic of mine which was stupid 'cause should have gotten people's opinion. Criticism would be a huge help!