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An artist trying to improve my skills! Long descriptions aren't my thing so here's a few words that are often associated with me: procrastinate, creative, Japan.
@Arcane Allusion: please Raze go get your man
@Arcane Allusion: please Raze go get your man
@ZzizzR: I know, these poor boys TT^TT
@RaiuTempesta: He's a sad boy :(
So sorry for the super long delay. Life just got real busy and I had to prioritize my other projects. I don't plan on giving this up, though. I'm not sure when I'll be able to next update, but the script is all written out, so no matter what the story will get it's end eventually! Thanks for all your support.
the second hand embarrassment is real...
@Battle Ravyn: I switched it to twice a month, but recently it's just been whenever I have time honestly ^^; now that my schedule is mellowing out I should be able to stick to more consistent updates.

Thanks for reading!
@Guest: Ahaha you're so nice! Wait no longer, the new page is here!
Well it took a week longer than expected BUT the page is up! BTW, I have a tumblr now! You can follow me there to check out my other projects c: And get sneak peaks of future pages! Feel free to ask me anything too, the more time spent talking about this the more motivation I have to keep going strong. In general news, there are about 20 pages left until chapter 6... the
@unknown-phenomenon: don't worry, Leon's oblivious but he's not a rapist!
@Blackchick: xDD communication is not their strong suit
@sstogner1: They're so cute I just want them to be together ;;
@Lucy: This made me cry when I read it I was laughing so hard
@Arcane Allusion: It was very gratifying to draw xD
This page was originally going to have less on it but Raze wasn't having it
I won't deny it xD
I have been waiting so long for this part of the story. We are so close folks.
ALSO DID ANYONE NOTICE... Raze chose to wear Kalos' favorite shirt. c:
@Just a guess: omg I feel like I just saw this comment for the first time. It made me laugh really hard
Thanks so much for waiting guys! If you're wondering why I was gone so long, it's because I was working hard to get my FREE VN released. I did the art, writing, programming, music, everything, I'd really appreciate it if you gave it a shot! You can play as a guy or gal, change your hair, eye color, and background, and romance 3 nifty guys. Download it free here!
And if you want updates on my future/current projects, including A Feral Tale, you can follow me on twitter @CapMinyan.

Enjoy the new page!