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~Name: Neki
~Stature: Taken
~Gender: Flux (Male Pronouns He/Him/His)
~Occupation: The Cuddly, Moronic Loonatic

I have recently been struck by wrist pains. I'm not sure what they are from, but they've been hurting since 2014. I have yet to be to the doctor to see what is wrong. The reason being I am broke and have no insurance nor can we afford to get insurance. This in mind is the reason most of my artwork is slower then a year ago.

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    Neki McHeartly
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This place is pretty much dead.

Man was it fun though..
FINALLY. After MONTHS of nothing I finally posted!!
YAY for no more artist block!!~
That's all I've got.. I got the title from a friend. =w=
Yeah this was mostly to prove I was still alive. I am working on the comic. I swear!
I'm sorry it's taking so long to get this one done >x<;
Anywaay. 8D
Hurrah new comic page~!
I'm just exparamenting with the comic a bit. I don't think I'll use this again. I'd rather handwrite everything.

Anyway, I'm trying something a little new with my backgrounds as well. Nothing all to special. I do like the new style a little though I won't use it too oftan.

Happy Late Thanksgiving everyone in America!~
Yeeep. Evah and POP.

=w= And Yes Evah has a long tongue and another little tongue inside.
@bloomygirl315: OMG OMG SPAZSPAZSPAZZZZ!!! >w<
Velma "Velvet" Greine
Velvet got her name from her velvet blue eyes. She's one of the two Ghost from MA. Though, she's been there far longer then Herb. She doesn't remember much of her life, she doesn't remember how she died. All she knows is it has something to do with the scar on her left eye. Velvet just turned 18 when she died. She's lived on the grounds of MA for 40 years, looking for something she doesn't know what it is.
November 13th, 2011
Evarah "Evah" Tentor.
Evah is an Insectorian from a planet called Fermal. The planet is alot like earth, only HUGE. She being a butterfly, is one of the smallest creatures on her planet. Evah crash landed on Maple Island and was found by POP, Honey and Gemini. She's a very happy girl who seems opimistic about many things. She likes the outdoors and her new friends on the island. She's 16 with a mature feel about her. She's a vegetarian by choose, though it's for the reason that she knows how it feels to be hunted down for food. When she gets scared or freaks out bad, she goes blind for up to and hour. She doesn't like Pickles.
If you haven't guessed I can finally scan images now!
The comic will be up and running again!!
This was a late Halloween picture I did for you guys.

Sorry it had to be so late.

Those white areas if you didn't know are suppose to be a spider web effect.
Yep! Finally the next page of the story~!
This is going to slow down just a little so there's not so much drama.
Those who's characters requested to be in the comic. I will get them in, I haven't forgotten you~

And OMG the 50th Page~! Awesome~!
We go so far guys~!
Yep~! Meki's Language! Here's the letters I used. :3 It reads (<---- not ---->)
Oh and this was ALL done on MS Paint. Even the background.
Background Blending
Welcome~! :3 He looks really cool! I'll ad him to the Students page now.

lol doesn't like Hyper people. He'd hate Meki. =w=
=w=;; The reason it's a photo and not the REAL thing is because it was drawn on the back of a study guide I had. Which I let someone barrow and forgot to ask for it back. They graduated. In anycase atleast I saved this picture.


=w= C'mon one of you girls/gay guys like this and you know it~
WHO COULD THAT BE?? owo Who knows.
Jan is Flore's sire vampire. She's considered as a flirt and enjoys sex more then Flore herself. Jan is a kind woman, not easy to anger and is rather playful in her actions. She's around 300 years old and she's a Silver Fang. She's learned, somehow, that she can control how much her teeth can hurt others. Jan is a singer with music heard from many vampire and human alike. Her real name is Vandetta Parker.