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@DoodleDapp: their profile picture just describes life in general
January 3rd, 2019
@Shhhh: Maybe when those parents were kids and they got tied it would have been a really awkward time because they didn't yet mesh well, they had to develop and grow as people to actually become each others soul mate first. And when they got a bit older they were ready. And probably the baby is just fine as it is and will be better off to grow together with their soulmate instead.

The string clearly knows more than just "who your partner is", it knows when to pull or let go. It's "pulling the strings" to make the relationship work too, it could also just wait with the tie to give it the best odds.
December 20th, 2018
@TamTam: that is old enough to walk home alone (unless you live in a particularly bad area)
October 5th, 2018
@Jeanettert: but what if they have the same rule (‘◉⌓◉’)
September 9th, 2018
Time for Howie to wrap someone up in blankets and have that burrito sleep.
Sharing your own story like this is really brave! Keep up the good work! ^^
June 25th, 2018
I usually avoid giving artistic feedback on comics but I feel like this is something you want to notice, the necks are growing longer every page and our boy Liam got neck for days.
I instantly thought of the ring.

It was a bit confusing though if this is a joke or is it really just a reference but part of the story anyway? ^^"
I guess it's just very unexpected and abrupt, flowing from the last actual panel to this one.
February 14th, 2018
Never go hugging people in a household where multiple same-from-behind-looking siblings live :D
December 24th, 2017
well that was quick
December 17th, 2017
"What the Hell is your problem??"
I'm too deep in the closet and I take it out on Howie and you, I envy his bravery to come out and I can't come to terms with myself. Also I need to show off how tough I am to this cutie next to me.
Uhh I mean...
"I don't have a problem!"

did I read to much into it? : 3

my brain took no break in reading your comment after the comic:

"what if it was you [...] getting plowed?"
"Survey done!"

yes it is done indeed.
October 20th, 2017
@Ash2004: It's about page 209
Spooky house, murder attempts, and the smell of burning rotten flesh. Such romantic setting! :D
@maeriyong: me too, every morning when i look in the mirror :"3
I: oh these can protect me? Awesome!
D: nope, better! They are friendship bracelets! ~♥
he's not going to take that as a wish, right? that would be low...but then again, he is a trickster demon o_o
March 28th, 2017
well... you supposedly took said drugs? he didn't forget his original cover, did he?
March 13th, 2017
@akitary: *(that if we consider smoking weed a horribly bad habit. I personally have no stand on it, I couldn't care less.)
March 13th, 2017
I don't really get the uproar against them smoking. Young stupid teens try out stupid things all the time, and they will eventually realize it's dumb and drop these habits. It's just how young people are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If anything it makes them realistic rather than having yet another set of perfect boys in a comic who are not smoking, kind, honorable, honest, smart, athletic and good looking and are perfect in every other way. Gary Stues are redundant and boring imo, flaws bring a character alive.