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Its his lack of internet gameplay really...I want more games with internet gameplay PUL-LEASE MIYAMATO SAN CHANGE YOUR WAYS!!!!
Hey I did it's just that I didn't draw that one lol...
Ok good... I was getting afraid...
Well if your not a gamer... Are you a gamer Solo or you a hoax?!
yay thank mcdarvinheimer to save the comics!!!
Alright as cool as Keith is I'll try to be easy on you too Solo but just to let you know we are all friends here k, don't go rockn' the boat.
but of course I get the thumb jk
bbbbbut darvis everybody wants to see the cuss^^
I'll admit darve that's hilarious, is what I'd say if you made it haha
Haha thanks, that took me a shitload of time but don't worry a-comics is comming soon...
dude that's some middle school kid loser...and really he has no common sense if he really wanted to insult you he wouldn't make comics to get his point across second its not a good idea to fuck with the leader of the crew, just ban the sped keith seriously...
um...dude you cant just join a comic team and fuck with the admin your being really retarted how old are 4 years old... also its pretty gay that you make the comics to get your view across, not only that you can't draw anything else but yourself, so go shit on somebody else...
Don't be afraid to bleep out cuss words Darvis I don't think anyone's mom is going to show up on this site but if your into that kinda stuff...
September 17th, 2007
oro...why did you make a protest against the big cheese?
Well that was only once that he forgot it lol...
Lol darv stop talking about yourself lol jk^^
Just a reference if you don't know what scene is my emo cousin said its a happy type of emo so I thought I might make fun of it cause I hate the emo culture...
LOL that was a funny conversation...yeah I'm into anime and stuff and someone told me yiffy is good anime one day and it scared the living shit out of me finding out....
Hoped you liked it^^