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Konnichi wa~ My name's Lise (Yea I know old fashioned name -_-') Aaanyway I'm 16 years old and when I grow up I wanna (Ironic) make comics xD Well my favorite genre is deefinitely fantasy+romance+comedy together! ^^ I really like to watch tv, play internet, shop xD, draw (;P), watch anime, read manga, read xP, Sometimes play Ps2 etc. etc. xP I'm usually hyper with my friends (Maybe sometimes too much ._.'') My comics probably won't be coming out yet since our scanner isn't working ^^' Maybe I'll miracally get my own that works O_o xP

-True Peace Only Exicts In Heaven, True Love Is Rare, But God Is Always here ..
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ED!! My favourite's definitely Ed!! XD He's sooo funny xP And sweet too when he's confused blah blah, blah blah blah etc. xP
I just like the fact of her being a little dum xD Yaay first to comment! ;P