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Switching from Jayfrost for personal reasons *coughcoughtotallynotadarecoughcough*
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@Shard: Jeff Dunham? Achmed the dead terrorist? I kill you? Really? Nothing?
@Kurona: Somebody call Jeff Du-*shot*
@Pinkeevee222: Then that means that he just sent three eevees off on a what he assumes to be fake quest, when they may find an ACTUAL bell that belongs to an ACTUAL Night!
Wait! Isn't Night that eevee that was with Sora?
(Take that!)
... I SHIP IT!
*raises sign that says:
"Sarah X Garland 4EVEAH!"
@Sapar: Well played
Just a quick question, can ANYTHING other than age kill this guy!?
@Pinkeevee222: So Blizz is not only operation pootis, but brainwashed. Plot twists. Ya nevah se'em comin'
@Merone: ahh genderswaps. They never get old, do they? XD
@shogun64: ppppphhht, that actualy be hilarious!
@andreya225: I've got a hunch of who those two are... but a spoiler I am not!
Au revoi mon ami...
@MecanicalCH: I can't play the Leaf Green version with a straight face anymore, thanks. XP
@Pinkeevee222: Welp, I was off big time, on BOTH parts of my double guess. But I'm still counting that alt text as somewhat of being correct.
@cococha10: I can see it as an terminator line XD
I find it funny every time I read the title because Master Chief was petty officer
I feel bad for Greypaw XD
Soooo... Blizz is operation meat shield right now