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Too often parents are lacking in their support in these activities for for their children because they are inclined to see their children as too young or the activity too inconvenient for the parents' schedule, or they simply fail to recognize the significances of these activities for children. -Anthony Moriarty
Many parents engage in long monologues about their own childhood whenever they are asked for advice from a child There are five deadly words in being a good disciplinarian. These are "When I was your age." - Anthony Moriarty
The plan is for this to be a pulp psychological thriller with both drama and sci-fi overtones.
I thought it was about time I started doing a comic that was character and plot driven. I'm hoping people get to know this guy, so I figured where better to start than at the very, very beginning.
January 17th, 2008
Gawds, I love her expression in the last panel.
Pretty cool stuff. I love doing similar things- small comics that really let me experiment with images and story telling- so it's pretty cool to see other people's stuff from time to time.
January 13th, 2008
Lol. Twice as humorous when your comment is juxtaposed with the comic. Fourth-wall humor and iconoclastic comics rock.
Lol. Nice set-up. Had me thinking you were introducing each character's attributes and then -wham- the left hook of humor comes out of nowhere. I chuckled.
Really great comic! You've been doing some nice characterization and the plot is interesting. To top it off, the art is both elegant and effective. Beautiful.
mmm. I likes me some Lovecraft. Human perception is our portal to the world around us, but what other worlds is it a portal to?
I haven't had much of a chance to read the comic yet, but you gotta love the feel of your work in print. Congrats!
I'm going to try to keep these duplicate pages to a minimum, but I won't lie- they'll show up every once and awhile when they seem fitting.

And yes, the protagonist of this part of the story is a pregnant woman. Hopefully I didn't lose too many yaoi fans...
This is where it all begins. The static creeps in... not slowly, nor softly, but with malice. The tendrils of the deepest parts of the mind, wriggling their way out of dormancy and into the real world.

It might start a little slow, but enjoy! Show the love and leave comments.
Ah- good! I've been more or less stuck at home for the past week or two, so I haven't had much opportunity to really see the site on any computers other than my own. Got me a little paranoid there for a moment :-p
Thanks for the comment. Hmm. I think the color of the nav buttons is still for the default for the template, but I'll tinker with them to make it a bit more user friendly.