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I didn't feel old until I saw this. I feel like I need to go to bed and wake up and forget I ever learned this fact.
But did you taste the awesome crowd surfing pizza?
it's actually pretty nice to chill in the back and just enjoy the concert if you're not big on being up front and center. We're just getting too old for that.
But you know you've REALLY succeeded when the staffers have to draw straws to determine who's forced to sit through the panel.
Sent a little something your way for all the laughs you provide! It definitely sucks to get those sudden extra costs during a con, especially when it wasn't your fault they happened in the first place.
My friend picking me up to go to the AirBnB pulled up to the curb just as it started downpouring. Felt bad for everyone in line outside.
Can't wait to see the rest!
This is me with rides that won't wait.. aka Greyhound or Amtrak.
This is glorious.
With all the Pokemon Go hype I wonder how long until we see Team Rocket people using that theme for their costumes. Instead of stealing Pokemon they steal your phone chargers.. I should do this. I really should.
Okay yeah that's pretty dang cool!
Imagine watching Deadpool with your family including barely teenaged sister as a vacation movie. Yeah, nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to people knowing Deadpool.
That music video still haunts my dreams.. and my gif folder.
Why couldn't the video have frozen when overeager event staffers were forcing the whole con staff to learn this dance before con?
At least you used your rare free time wisely. I just sat at a table with my Fire Wok food and contemplated my life choices and lack of extra padded shoe insoles.
Right, Animazement. The con. The con that's coming up. The con I'm not prepared for. The con I still have two costumes to finish to wear to. That con.
Just saying, if you made a ConCONcon tshirt, I'd totally buy it. Or, you know, even a sticker or something.
I saw FLCL four times and still don't know what the hell I watched. I'd take a sequel just in the hopes of understanding what I didn't understand the first time.
You mean you actually could afford this place? I had to stay the Burger King's!
Who passes up something that is so nefarious that it has its own name with the word 'pit' attached? I'm like 75% sure that's the kind of ominous sounding place where conventions summon gothic visual kei artists from.