So to get things started, first of and with no further delay, I want to first and foremost say, that I'm currently a student...
Also I'm making a webcomic based around pmd and play soccer/football while I'm at it
And although it's not much to go by... I'm sincerely sorry and with the greatest of apologies, that's all
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Grey is becoming more and more a model student, skips breakfast, can't sleep, finds the prospect of something (work) quite bothersome before even trying it and has learned to accept free things
And the promised pages are here.

Hako-o is a bud, the best kind of bud, the bud that has stuff to give away for free and you can always take advantage of in need. Maybe not that last part, but a true bud nonetheless
@Dark/Light: I will take that into consideration.
Though this will be my personal biased as the author, but I don't feel like a lot has happened so far, that there's a need for a refreshers of the past events.(Only a day has passed in the story so far) Maybe after the next chapter, since it the comic has been going for a while already irl.
It's kind of odd though, not expecting a reply to a comment. I try to reply to all, but have had a few where there's just nothing to say. (That always leaves a bad taste in my mouth so to say)
@Dark/Light: Allas you already know how that story goes more or less.
When this happens it'll either be on no panels and just a mention or have a panel during some downtime between stuff, but no full repeat, maybe a short version of the events as a full retelling is not the best idea.
That aside, that'd be no aerodactyl
@LKWayvern: It is and not is at the same time. A bit of a happy coincedence when I remembered, that I had used seedots in the first mission.
I had planned the stronger forms of the pokémon used to show up at the guild wanting to know what happened to the intruder that had been assailing their home.
@LKWayvern: You're completely right about that, did have to retry uploading these when the first attempt failed, but it didn't? It was weird yesterday -.-
These are the pages for last week, the ones of this week will be uploaded tomorrow, hopefully. (My computer did some really weird thing where it got stuck on bootup for a very long time, so I hope it's not going to break on me.)
So yea, the vault isn't protected by a magical blanket that makes it invisible, but a steel door
@DragonMoonWolf: Let's just say Ral got tired a lot faster than Leaf did.
Also they won't be best buds after this probably :p
And the end result is both exhausted and a pissed off ledian. Probably not the best possible outcome.
@WiispNightmare: Hopefully he has some op dodging skills, maybe leaf will hold back a bit this time
Sorry for another delayed update
With a mtg prerelease this weekend and several other things during it, the time I had to finish these was cut short. Too short to finish all three canvas.
But enough excuses, Ral wants to prove his worth, will he succeed or flail about like Grey?
Delayed update, had a lot of huge time losses during the weekend. I got them finished on sunday, but it was already late and the text still needed to be added. So there's the reason for the delay.
Other than that, Grey really isn't doing too hot in this one
And here we have a nice groundplan of the entire guild, for now, until the plot calls for additions. I hope it's clear enough.
@Dark/Light: That's a nice way of putting it ^^
A bit ago I noticed the comic was almost reaching the next chapter and we were getting close to 60 fans, so on the side I started working on this, as a thank you for everyone who decided to fave the comic.
I'd like to do something like a Q&A, requests or something, but you guys rather keep to yourself, so we'll see.
@WiispNightmare: Ledian don't care, he's got stuff to do and has a schedual
It's the start of a new chapter
and Grey is fully awake and ready to jump into it.
Good to see gengar got his priorities straight