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So to get things started, first of and with no further delay, I want to first and foremost say, that I'm currently a student...
Also I'm making a webcomic based around pmd and play soccer/football while I'm at it
And although it's not much to go by... I'm sincerely sorry and with the greatest of apologies, that's all
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Might have overdone it with the light, it's not like the sun is directily shining into that doorway, but... it would have otherwise just been a bit of the street, a wall and perhaps a tree crown that'd be visible at the other side, which doesn't really add much to this
@Kiel124a: well pidgeot moreso means he'll be in one of the trees canopy's on a branch.
You see it's already planned, designed and put neatly in a map somewhere inbetween the script and storyline documents. Which we'll potentially forget about when the time comes to input it.
Whatever befell the other team, what lies in this perilous place for our heroes to overcome, find out next week!! After a filler arc, a lot of exposition and long drawn out staring contests that pass for epic fights these days, did I mention exposition yet during these staring contests?
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: Well like I said practice makes perfect more or less :p
So been trying to draw a forest looing down upon it from the sky, though the results are able to give the impression of it, they're not yet how I want it completely, oh well practice makes perfect.
And they're off in comfy mailbag, hopefully they'll keep the quick safety line from their captain in mind
Poor Ral first day split from his father and he still ends up sort of stuck to him
Only a single page this week, just didn't have the time for more, might happen more frequently, depending from week to week, we'll see
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: As amusing as that would be, Grey definitly isn't strong enough a psychic user to be able to carry Grey over long distances
@M.W: it's a fast and reliable way for deliveries
Feel like I should update the update day to monday at this point, don't think I'll be able to get things done on sunday for a bit.
That aside, so many poses, so many screw ups in proportions
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: Well it's either he'd get mad or he'd get annoyed, depends on how the rest of the day has gone for him
Sadly had to resort to updating on monday, the weekend was to busy.
Wonder if ledian would make a fuss about gengar giving his new guildmembers their first real mission instead of them picking one from the boards... probably
As promised, here's the delayed page
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: Yea, feels like we kind of flew through the chapters. But in perspective 6 months is quite a long time, for 2 full chapters with a decent amount of pages xD
Page 2 will be uploaded tomorrow, couldn't get it finished on time.
Other than that here's a face we haven't seen since chapter 2, being as active as possible
Seems as we didn't make it on sunday, luckily there's always still monday for uploading.
What's this? Gengar wants to have a chat with Grey, why? What's it going to be about? Maybe a secret task or mission? Find out in the next chapter
Single page update for this week, the second page only has flat colors atm and I don't have the time today to finish it. So it'll be included in the next update hopefully on sunday again. The reason for this, like most of the times, is a more busy weekend than I had anticipated.
Other than that, sometimes you just need a pat on the back to loosen up, sometimes this pat is more like a karate chop, but I digress.