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So to get things started, first of and with no further delay, I want to first and foremost say, that I'm currently a student...
Also I'm making a webcomic based around pmd and play soccer/football while I'm at it
And although it's not much to go by... I'm sincerely sorry and with the greatest of apologies, that's all
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@orgostevani: He has stated in the past to have been a grunt for an organization, doing a bit of everything. So no not the leader as far you all know
@MercenaryX: Nah it isn't, you'll see who the mystery mon is on the next page
Should have searched for some refs for them holograms... oh well
Also really need to see if I'm not going to alter Grey's head shape a lil
@Moon creecher: No it wasn't his house, the house has very much been always owned by Bill's family
@MercenaryX: Hmmm no it wasn't, cause we got too much stuff planned out revolving around that past to scrap it and go with this approach! xD
Small delay, sucky weekend let's keep it at that.
Odd new flashbacks hmm
@Thedoggoking: Yea, the old one needed an update cause I draw stuff a lot differently now
@Moon creecher: You might have never known though :p
@Moon creecher: This isn't that place
@MercenaryX: I forgot to make a news post about the new cover! darnit sorry for the confusion :p
also it's 'hidden' nobody will ever notice there's a legendary in the background, ever....
But really the old cover one needed an update
@Guest: They did, cause I got problems with consistency, but we'll blame it on the tea, that just goes straight to his thighs
Well cat's out of the bag, even Grey realizes nobody is safe for the pmd protag memory loss now
@Moon creecher: Nobody would ever dare do such a thing
@MercenaryX: Maybe.
Also as much as I try to have them scaled well in the backgrounds and such, easiest way to show their size is still side to side with bigger mon
Sorry for the delay, been playing a bit too much of the new total war.... my bad
Eitherway whatever could go wrong with leaving them alone in this here mysterious place! I foresee no explosions whatsoever!
Also do tell if you'd rather have me use the unown's to make clear when a different language is spoken, or if a different font is clear enough for that.
@MercenaryX: Ah I don't play cod, so that's why I didn't see the joke :p. And that's rather annoying, got nothing to do?