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So to get things started, first of and with no further delay, I want to first and foremost say, that I'm currently a student...
Also I'm making a webcomic based around pmd and play soccer/football while I'm at it
And although it's not much to go by... I'm sincerely sorry and with the greatest of apologies, that's all
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As promised, here's the delayed page
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: Yea, feels like we kind of flew through the chapters. But in perspective 6 months is quite a long time, for 2 full chapters with a decent amount of pages xD
Page 2 will be uploaded tomorrow, couldn't get it finished on time.
Other than that here's a face we haven't seen since chapter 2, being as active as possible
Seems as we didn't make it on sunday, luckily there's always still monday for uploading.
What's this? Gengar wants to have a chat with Grey, why? What's it going to be about? Maybe a secret task or mission? Find out in the next chapter
Single page update for this week, the second page only has flat colors atm and I don't have the time today to finish it. So it'll be included in the next update hopefully on sunday again. The reason for this, like most of the times, is a more busy weekend than I had anticipated.
Other than that, sometimes you just need a pat on the back to loosen up, sometimes this pat is more like a karate chop, but I digress.
@Dark/Light: Quite the good guess, your prize: You now know a week or two in advance who the adoptive father of Ral is. Or is he? *dun dun duuuun* (or how does that sound go?)
@Dark/Light: Machamp's intimidation lowers the foes attack *insert game sound*
And if I'm still going with what I originally had intended, they've already met the dad. Small spoiler, will either be this week or next week that it'll be told in comic probs
Few new things we're trying out, first is the blue shading for white colored pokémon, which doesn't look to bad.
Second would be making the lineart of the pokémon not black, feel like it makes things look softer in a way.
Lastly, the two lovely pokémon you can see walking in the foreground are:
Chip (sandshrew) from MajorLeeMan
and Fennie (Chespin) from phoenixfire
Grey is becoming more and more a model student, skips breakfast, can't sleep, finds the prospect of something (work) quite bothersome before even trying it and has learned to accept free things
And the promised pages are here.

Hako-o is a bud, the best kind of bud, the bud that has stuff to give away for free and you can always take advantage of in need. Maybe not that last part, but a true bud nonetheless
@Dark/Light: I will take that into consideration.
Though this will be my personal biased as the author, but I don't feel like a lot has happened so far, that there's a need for a refreshers of the past events.(Only a day has passed in the story so far) Maybe after the next chapter, since it the comic has been going for a while already irl.
It's kind of odd though, not expecting a reply to a comment. I try to reply to all, but have had a few where there's just nothing to say. (That always leaves a bad taste in my mouth so to say)
@Dark/Light: Allas you already know how that story goes more or less.
When this happens it'll either be on no panels and just a mention or have a panel during some downtime between stuff, but no full repeat, maybe a short version of the events as a full retelling is not the best idea.
That aside, that'd be no aerodactyl
@LKWayvern: It is and not is at the same time. A bit of a happy coincedence when I remembered, that I had used seedots in the first mission.
I had planned the stronger forms of the pokémon used to show up at the guild wanting to know what happened to the intruder that had been assailing their home.