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Hello to all of you! I am SmashWaffle. You may also know me as thunderbolt123 (my previous SmackJeeves account) or Pac-ManFan (my previous DeviantART name). I am an artist and a spriter. I am very creative, joyful and cool. Let's just say I'm a lot of things! So you can check out my other social media as well.
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Glorious Comeback!
Hey everyone! I know it's been almost a month since I've last updated this. I've been busy lately (no, not committing mass genocide), and in return for this small hiatus, I thought I'd give you a good 'ol comic!
Holy Shit!
I'm surprised that this comic still exists!
Wow. much old. such cringe. many forget this pls.
there's nothing wrong w/ being a furry.
8/10 too many spacesonas
So... Uh...
Hello everyone. I am SmashWaffle, Collab's bro. You've probably heard of me at least once, most especially those who were in AMR/VMA and Spark Story. So let me speak about what the fuck this is. This is simply the cover for a crossover comic I thought up of. If you'd like to see what I have so far, check it out over here:
So I hope to get to know all of you a bit more, and maybe I'll check this place out a little.
Isn't that technically one of Kirby's artwork from Kirby's Dream Collection?
holy crap I forgot I was part of this comic...
Good job though. You're actually pretty good w/ SFM.
Good Afternoon, Everyone
I am SmashWaffle, the author, and this is the beginning of a new comic. I hope you enjoy what is to come, and stay tuned for more!
what font did you use for the text?
wait a sec, that's bolt?! HOLY SHIT! He looks amazing!
When will this comic update again?
My god, the nostalgia
It's been a year since the comic died. Wow
New Super Mario Bros. Wii was awesome