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Pirates. Ninjas. Pirates fighting Ninjas. Keel-Hauling. Assassinations. Pillaging. Honorable Death.
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Ninja fight!
Thanks for the comment Skoosc. Hope to hear more from ya.
Chapter 2 Begins!
Hey everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter and are looking forward to seeing more to come! As always, comments are greatly appreciated.
So Anyway...
Thanks to those who've been commenting on the comic pages these past few weeks. Schools keeping us busy but we're still moving forward!

Come summertime we finally hope to get into at least 2 updates a week, so we have that goal to look forward to.

So thanks everyone for their comments and please take the time to vote!
Ahoy thar! Be sure to vote this week so we can go up on the webcomic lists! We're aiming for one of those top 100 spots, so please take the time!

Warlin: Aye, mine too.

Haraio: Adam, king of the obvious.

Max: Thank ye for luaghin'!
Warlin: A sad but realistic outlook.

Haraio: Actually, he's only 22. They don't call him "Scuvy-ridden' Sam" for nothing.
As shallow as she seems, she does have a point about the cops already being there. I don't see this turning out good at all.
New page Monday
The conclusion to this fight will be posted tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

Warlin: Yeah, ninja tend to do that.

Hario: Ninja and their walking! Geeze.

Warlin: Being a Ninja gives you a 500% chance of being better at anything. Except needlepoint, surprisingly.
Warlin: At this point, I think he doupt Eric has enough brainpower to cheat well.

sam: ARRRR! I boy after me own heart.

Haraio: BAM!

Warlin: Thanks. We're really trying to ake the comic look good.
My god! She can read peoples minds by holding hands, the applications are limitless!

If awkward.
Haraio: Against Pirate Santa, no less.
Remember to vote!
Arr... I got me a cold. Least it taint' scurvy.

Warlin: Fire solves everything.

Haraio: Thank ye. Our artist likes hearing stuff like that.

sam: Thank ger the compliment!
That's why you shouldn't make your ninja outfit out of oily rags.

Now for comments:
Alba: Arrrr! That's the spirit!

Haraio: Wooden mallets are the best.

Warlin: You haven't seen anything yet!

Haraio(again): Ninja never take off their mask. EVER.
And so things continue down the spiral to wierdsville....
Enielle: Thank ye! Pirates are definetly the best.

Haraio: Thank ye too! Aye, dialects can make or break a pirate.
Things are heating up,
Lets try and get our vote ranks up! Thanks everyone!

crackapie: He will be missed. I will arrange a tribute in his honer every year.
There goes another one
Poor pirates. They can't catch a break.

KO_Okami: Thanks for the compliment.

Two updates for the price of one! Be sure to press the back button! Leave a comment to let us know what you think of this turn of events!

Warlin: Aye, the shit be realer than ever!

KO_Okami: Aye, yes they 'ave the bloody cowards.

crackapie: I think that be a safe bet!
Please Comment!
Ahoy thar ye scoundrels! Please leave a comment if you enjoy the comic!