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Hello, my dears, and welcome!
I'm Shadow, and I'm mostly a reader here, so nothing much for you to read quite yet, except maybe this below...
The Harmonious Hearts 2017 anthology is now up for preorders at the following link on the Harmony Ink Press website:

This is a collection of 15 stories from a contest for writers aged 14-21, and all of the stories feature main characters from the LGBTQ+ spectrum. One of my short (boyxboy) stories is among them and I hope you will support us young writers by buying our very affordable anthology in ebook, or paperback (with free ebook), format :)

Thank you for visiting my profile! <3

More about me:
I love love, ponies, and other pretty things...
I'm a hobby artist and a hoping-to-eventually-be-pro writer, but mostly a reader here.
Je parle le francais and English, (e ho cominciato a studiare l'italiano...) so say hi to me if you see me in the comments section!

I also make bracelets and crochet custom dolls and stuffed toys. Stay tuned for news about an online store I may be setting up at some point.
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November 15th, 2019
I laughed twice, in one page. You should be proud! Oh, Kasha XD might be my favourite. def top 3.
This is gorgeous! With every new image I'm only reminded how much I admire your ability. I understand life and anxiety getting in the way, and I want you to know that there are readers who support you and believe in you, who appreciate all you give to us, and who are happy to wait as long as you need. Thank you for sharing this project with us, and take care! I'll look forward to the new page!
@MadFoeDoll: Public Displays of Affection. so kissing in public, for example :)
June 18th, 2018
@WarriorNun: XD
June 18th, 2018
i'm a pacifist, and somehow I find this really hot?? He's just so PRETTY...O_O
June 18th, 2018
HIS HAIR!!! I love long flowing hair
yup, the website seems to be glitching :s says "bad gateway" or else the latest page does not show up
@Shimmering Shine: what's blood bank?
@WandaWalker: makes sense :D just saw the hover text and that made it SO much better X''D
last panel: that was a beautiful comeback XD kinda wish I could use it but think I'm too nice to :p
my roommate wears a green pair as slippers. only way I know when she's home is because they're not by the door (meaning they're on her feet) XD
April 19th, 2018
small edit: kiss, not kissed
I've been following this comic for a long time, and would be sad to see it go. You could post pages earlier on Patreon, and/or censor the ones here. In the end it's your decision.
@SomiJuli: I think he looks great, don't drive yourself crazy :)
well considering I was once (at a museum) served tea that was centuries old or something, I think he'll survive. If you're wondering, it tasted like dirt XD would not reccommend
I love the use of light in this page!
The translation is pretty good, but a tiny note: "bain oui" is usually written "ben oui" (or "bien oui" in proper french). "Ben" is actually a slang pronunciation of "bien", while "bain" is a bath XD
Lol! if you meant me, I am indeed pleased XD The effort you go to means a lot. Yay for diversity! :) <3