I love love, ponies, and other pretty things...
I'm a hobby artist and a hoping-to-eventually-be-pro writer, but mostly a reader here.
Je parle le francais and English, (e ho cominciato a studiare l'italiano...) so say hi to me if you see me in the comments section!

I also make bracelets and crochet custom dolls and stuffed toys. stay tuned for news about an online store I may be setting up this summer.
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I lol'ed XD
well, dang, Takashi... O_O *fans self*
@Wimsy: the... eyepocalypse?
track AND field, in this world... XD but you have the right to change things in fiction :p
welcome back!
lol @ alt text :D
btw new reader and I'm glad I found your comic, it's pretty and I'm looking forward to seeing just how long these two can delude themselves XD
@deitlinde: lol apparently i'm the only one who got what you meant about your eyes XD it looks fine, but i feel like your darker-skinned son looks paler than usual. the rest is all good :)
@portisHeart: it could be related to their relationship in a few ways, like maybe he feels like he doesn't deserve to be close to Micah after what he did to his people, or he sees it as another insult to them, or some kind of colonial guilt (the fear that he's somehow hurting or oppressing or coercing Micah, that they're not equal in power, that Micah is dependent on him), for example. Just a few ideas :)
happy early bday! I'll celebrate you by doing my uni exam on Shakespeare :'''''D
@Quadrant: i just got that XD good one
March 16th, 2017
humans are stackable ;)
lol, I made the same face as Dragosh XD
Wow, such a beautifully detailed page! I look forward to the next update :)
not everyone who 'favs' the comment is going to read every update right away, but apparently we do!! XD sometimes i fav a comic for later so i can get to it eventually when i have time. it's hard to know who is reading unless you look at stats like page views. I will say, though, that your comic is one of my current favourites and one that i read right away after it updates :)
February 21st, 2017
welcome back :)
@Stand.By: YES XD
January 26th, 2017
@Kotokot: don't worry, the page looks really good :)
looks pretty :)
January 15th, 2017
received the stuff from the giveaway!! thank you so much, i love it!! <3
January 13th, 2017
my giveaway prize arrived today!! ...except that i had just left for uni, so I haven't seen it yet. hopefully I can get it this weekend though :)