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Animator and Character Designer from Southern California. I like to tell stories about life in general. Stories people connect with or relate too.
I love hearing from people, so be active! comment on my comics or message me. I'd love to hear from you all!
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    Kevin Cannarile
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I figured since this is my first webcomic why not try out different designs until I find one I'm happy with. So this is my first test. Not really happy with it, doesn't really fit the world i've created. Hmm, back to the testing labs!!
My cousin asked me to draw something based on her friend's daughter instructions on how to make cheesecake. I thought it was adorable enough to use as this weeks comic.
@tinderwalls: yes, Watterson is one of my favorites!! Glad you enjoyed it!
The first and last time I don't color a comic.
I thought if I lay in a field and played dead, a bird would land. I later learned That I wasn't the first to try this. My dad did the same thing growing up.
That got a good chuckle out me. I didn't expect the dog to look like that at the bottom. Well done.