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The hair's pretty good.
Aww. TJ's such a cheerleader.
Because your mam knows what's what.
It's not Kasha's fault that wine-tasting isn't a class offered in American high schools.

I feel ya, Teo.
Are those Alex's abs? Justin needs to get out his scissors again.
Oh that does it! First noisy plumbing, now smug, lycra-wearing, bicycle bastards.

Should've just bought that private island.
Dot is me. I would totally find a way to not put myself in a position where I'm expected to run in the first place.
Well, it's not like Jack's going to go all hearteyes over the view while ignoring the knock in the radiator.
Does Justin have a pair of scissors on his person at all times in case he needs to crop a top on the fly?
AAAAHHHH! You're back!

Welcome back! I missed you and this comic. Did everything go okay with your certificate?
Drama kid here. Can confirm.
He may not know football, but Dasaf knows how to make a pass. ba-dum-kssh.
Oh come on! How has Dasaf heard of a tight end and not a wide receiver?
KOPS FLOP bzzzzzzzzzz
Ugh. Khaki pants are the worst.
Ooo. Now I'm having feels. How could you do this to me? I trusted you.
Aww, little sweeties gonna cosplay each other.
Well, Justin and Maura are the only two with glasses.
Dot's just tired of looking at your nips, guys.
Hey Biscuit! Good luck with your new job. Don't worry about us, we'll keep.