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Noooo! Not Peaches!
Well, at least the head ghosties have something in common. They both really like Richie's ass.

Yes! Talk about the weird stuff! Doooo iiiiitt!
Also why I didn't vote to fuck Justin.
Look, Owen. You wanted the dick, now you have to take the caring too.
I think I voted to fuck Dasaf too. Teo's hot, but I think you'd have to bring your A game every time, and that's just exhausting.
Oh well, that seems healthy.
Teo seems very sure that he won the "fuck" category.
Is that fair, Owen? Have you really given control a real try or did you just sort of touch it with the tip of your tongue like it was a Brussels sprout?
Not sexy? With all that sausage?

Owen, you are such a dumbass. I love you.
You'd think Anwen would have figured this out by now.
That's Owen's emotional support cheating fuck buddy, and they can't have him!
To be fair, it is more than the usual roommate drama. Fighting over who used the last of the mayo or where to set the thermostat would be relaxing compared to this.
Wow. I could tell that this comic was written by someone young, but I would never have figured you were that young. This story really had a nifty vibe, and I look forward to seeing what you'll make next. Good luck!
helpĀ·ing (verb) -- that thing Owen's not doing.
Teo, you showed up with, like, a messenger bag. Where were you smuggling all those dicks?
But on a scale of 1-10, how filthy are you, Hayden?
I had a hard time with the fuck/marry/kill. All I know is I wanna marry Kasha because poly (afik) sugar daddy.
Today, on bad choices theater...

I mean, it's going to hit the fan, and that's driving me batty.
In the meantime, Anwen's like, "Hey, Richie! Let's wear the purple tights today."
"Question One: Have you murdered anyone lately whose malevolent thoughts could now be residing in your head?"