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It's Teo. Teo has the boner. That's why he's wearing an apron.
He picks up after himself and takes the hint when you want to be left alone. You may have found your perfect man there Jack.
Avery's like a scrappy little stray kitten that thinks he can take care of himself, but clearly can't, but secretly can, but he's his own worst enemy so really, he can't.
@WandaWalker: They were very good. Would definitely recommend.
In this apartment we bathe like MEN! While absolutely not enjoying it!
Great minds and all that. I'm making lemon pancakes with blackberry sauce tomorrow. Also lemon and blueberry are one of my favorite combinations. Teo always makes me hungry.
Ooo Jack! Showing these boys how it's done!
Clearly not into taking that "low pressure" approach to sales.
A bath? I know someone with adequate plumbing at his place.
Nope. Sorry. Moment's over. That's plenty of personal interaction for this week. Baby steps.
Peaches: I am inviting you to sniff my head because I am smooth.
Why do you? What do you? It's all just a big freakin' mystery, ain't it?
Actually these perverts are a step above Maxwell. They're at least being honest about what they're looking for and asking for volunteers rather than blackmailing and raping their landlord.
Essie's hair does look soft.
Late night craving for beef? Peaches is only serving up cheese.
Maxwell is not too bright, is he? Like 5 minutes ago he was all "Please make it stop!" and now he's "Oh, btw, I totally did this to your boyfriend."
Wish somebody'd show me that kind of affection.
Never underestimate the sex appeal of a turtle full of ice and beer.
So the black stuff allows Avery's consciousness to exit his body for awhile -- leaving Maxwell to experience whatever's going on?
Essie doesn't stand a chance with Peaches looking at her like that. I mean, I wanna feed him