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If Reece keeps reading Owen's mind, how will we ever get any exposition?

Also -- Call and Avery are one extremely disreputable-looking couple these days.
Whoa there, Cal. You need to stop with the day-drinking. Poor Biscuit has to use a second color just for your drunk ass.
I've heard that "Much Ado About Nothing" is actually about two mainly same sex attracted bisexuals who are horrified to discover that they love each other. And honestly, that fits.
I'm pretty sure Peaches is the Ravenclaw.
Honestly Avery, get a robe.
Oh dear. Oh dearie dear. That's not good.

The drool is a cute touch though.
And Owen's like -- Yay! A dick problem. I'm good with dicks!
@Kevin_Redcrow: "La-ha-cree-moe-sa! Dee-eee-ays Eeee-nyem! Had enough punk?"
What will make Avery crack first? The voice in his head or the one outside of it?
I've never understood "you have to believe me!"

Like, no I don't.
The t-shirt is pretty cool.
I think Avery's got those Killed a Dude and Now He's Living Inside My Head and Also My Brothers Are Acting Really Weird Too Blues.

Edited to add: Not to mention that Cal is a day-drinking mess, and Avery is never going to win a "Most Equipped to Handle This Situation" award.
Right. Maybe meeting your boyfriend will make it better. Good thinking, Ave.
Oh yeah, that's the face of someone who has noooo idea what Alan could possibly be talking about.
Oh man! I knew Anwen was a kindred spirit! She likes candy corn!

Also -- This is soooooo cute!
I just voted for Alan because he looks so sad and I'm really feeling the elder sibling solidarity.
I think it's time for a family meeting. Not just the brothers. Contact your oldest living relative, guys, and ask if there are any family curses floating around.
All history classes would benefit from some cosplay IMHO.
I'm hugging you, but you hate it, so it's okay.
Just tell Alan everything -- "Whew, it's uh, been a rough couple of days. We, let's see, we staged an intervention, then I confronted a sadist, and for a minute there it really looked like I was going to be his next victim, but then I got a look at what he'd been doing to my ex-boyfriend (oh yeah, I'm gay) so I just lost it and beat him into oblivion. I'm being literal, by the way. I literally beat him into literal oblivion, except for his voice in my head which has some really bad timing, let me tell you.

But I got back together with my boyfriend, so that was good.