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Long division is a necessary skill in our undefined criminal enterprise.
Oh Jack, Jackie, Jack. No Baby. See how sad Kay looks?

You go away you bad man. Grrr.

I mean we already know that nobody's going to swoop in here, but that's what I want. I want a swooper.
So kid, just how vulnerable are you?
Well, that's not a creepy thing to say.
Stay classy Vaughn.
Just a little something for Jack to look at when he needs to feel all the feelings at once -- like just let them loose for some kind of arena battle event in his heart.
For Christmas, Jack's employees got him a plaque for his office door that says, "The fun stops here."
It won't make me feel better, but I'm gonna take it anyway.
Something tells me this was not your plan, Ave. Not that you had a plan, but if you did, this wouldn't be it.
I hope Avery is able to use his Super Depression Powers to kick this guy's ass.
Less talk, more smooch.
Ahhhh!! Stuff is happening!
Webtoons -- I've been resisting signing up for another site, but I shall resist no longer! I must keep abreast of the exploits of young Pogo and his sausage-rat, even if they update but ONCE a month.

I mean, I'm following a comic right now that puts out a page a year on a good year, so I'm not going to abandon one this good just because I've been ever-so-slightly inconvenienced.
I'm happy to hear that your dog is on the mend!

Hey Vaughn, I think it's okay to take the eye patch off now.

I had a terrible time picking least favorite this time. None of them irritated me enough. Maybe I've developed an immunity?
Serious Reece gets taken seriously. Poor Cal.
Asan can put that on his resume -- "winner of the 2017 Golden Dildo Award for Most Adorable Virgin."
Reece can leap tall counters in a single bound.
Anwen, you naughty imp.