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Oh now Owen's going to get all psychologically astute.
Owen's dick was the real magic all along.
Kasha's shoes with that jersey.
1. Haircut
2. Fake I.D.
3. Phone to play Candy Crush on
4. Source of income
5. Apartment
6. Therapist
You know, if it comes down to killer instinct, Maura and Teo will be the last ones left.
"... and it's not like we have neighbors."
You'd be helping, Ave. Owen can't drink while he's giving you a blowjob.
Here's the shit. Where's the fan?

Also, I love that Owen just basically tells Avery that he knows Ave's gonna regret this later.
Well, it would be a phenomenally bad idea, so of course Avery wants some help with it.
I'm surprised that Kasha didn't milk it a little longer. He seems like the dramatic type.
Come on, Ave, time to go do some plot in a grungy alleyway.

I can't tell if the sublingual anti-anxiety med is info about Owen or a suggestion to the reader.
Gotta admit the guy has some smooth lines.
Somebody knows who's been suckling the lordly penis.
I'm not saying they don't deserve it, Ave, but are you sure starting an entire Greek chorus of sexually violent assholes in your head is a good idea?
A sketchy blowjob for hire in an alleyway -- that'll make 'em hug and make up for sure. But by golly, Biscuit, it works.
I believe the original line was, "Forsooth! Canst a bitch not perish serenely?"
Owen is going to end up so confused.
If Reece keeps reading Owen's mind, how will we ever get any exposition?

Also -- Call and Avery are one extremely disreputable-looking couple these days.
Whoa there, Cal. You need to stop with the day-drinking. Poor Biscuit has to use a second color just for your drunk ass.
I've heard that "Much Ado About Nothing" is actually about two mainly same sex attracted bisexuals who are horrified to discover that they love each other. And honestly, that fits.