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He may not know football, but Dasaf knows how to make a pass. ba-dum-kssh.
Oh come on! How has Dasaf heard of a tight end and not a wide receiver?
KOPS FLOP bzzzzzzzzzz
Ugh. Khaki pants are the worst.
Ooo. Now I'm having feels. How could you do this to me? I trusted you.
Aww, little sweeties gonna cosplay each other.
Well, Justin and Maura are the only two with glasses.
Dot's just tired of looking at your nips, guys.
Hey Biscuit! Good luck with your new job. Don't worry about us, we'll keep.
Avery: Lalala! Who wants to sex me?!
Just keep it fair. Do some pirozhki jokes when you get to Russian.
Anwen, however, she'll tell Owen for sure.
Me and my one semester of French (and French great-great grandpa) are feeling the representation right now.
Also, there are skull fragments in the cuts. What could possibly be going on here?

I mean, if it wasn't lil' booboo here, everyone would be "Dang, our roommate beat the downstairs neighbor to death."
And by "I" I mean "me and Anwen." Mostly Anwen. Really, she's driving me out of my tree with questions.
The nipples of truth.
He's gone and he won't come back or hurt anyone ever again. Take friggin' hint guys. Avery's not exactly being subtle here.

On another note -- I'm glad Avery got away from the enormous pressures of college and found such an easy and relaxed situation.
I'm a little scared of you, Ave.
Is it still breakfast time and Kasha is just chilling on the couch with a large glass of wine?
Where is he? Well, some of the smaller bits of his skull probably just washed down the drain.