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Also, there are skull fragments in the cuts. What could possibly be going on here?

I mean, if it wasn't lil' booboo here, everyone would be "Dang, our roommate beat the downstairs neighbor to death."
And by "I" I mean "me and Anwen." Mostly Anwen. Really, she's driving me out of my tree with questions.
The nipples of truth.
He's gone and he won't come back or hurt anyone ever again. Take friggin' hint guys. Avery's not exactly being subtle here.

On another note -- I'm glad Avery got away from the enormous pressures of college and found such an easy and relaxed situation.
I'm a little scared of you, Ave.
Is it still breakfast time and Kasha is just chilling on the couch with a large glass of wine?
Where is he? Well, some of the smaller bits of his skull probably just washed down the drain.
I'm just wrecked. I can't even be a smartass right now. Cal has been hiding this -- keeping covered, bundling himself into a cocoon whenever he can -- and here he is, naked with Avery, all of the cuts and bruises revealed voluntarily. And he has to know that Avery knows everything he's been enduring. He has to know that Avery has seen that wall of photos. And Cal is checking Avery to see where he's hurt.

Biscuit, this chapter (the whole comic, really, but i guess I'm noticing it especially here) is so well-done, such great story-telling. <3
And we're all grateful that you're not mad at him, Ave.

That is one fancy bathroom.
The kid needs an oeuf, papa TJ.

My French is entirely limited to cooking terms.
Go for some shredded wheat, Justin. It always work for me when I can't sleep.
"He's not here." Because "He's in hell" would have been a bit too dramatic?
I'm a little disappointed that Justin doesn't have a stupid word for his dick. Or does he just refrain from using it during serious conversations?
Biscuit's search history: will touchscreen work with bloody finger?
Aww. Someone's prewarming the foot area of the bed. How thoughtful!
We wouldn't want to get your nicotine-soaked blood all over Essie's skirt now, would we?
The Fucked in the Head Club meeting is going very well.
It's important to tenderize the face meat or it will be tough when you've cooked it.
This is fairly brilliant, Biscuit. Avery beating the utter shit out of the festering pile of slug carcasses who hurt his beloved against the background of sadness and horror -- this is just super effective. It's really just an amazing example of what the medium can do and I'm floored.