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The result was worth it.
Good to see that Avery's still making his usual sensible and healthy choices.

I keep thinking that if he just traded bracelets with Richie, everything would be fine, and when he figures that out, he's gonna be all, "You are fucking kidding me."
I see Peaches has decorated for the holidays.
You're so cute, Avery, but I get the feeling that what you're planning ain't.
The liver that wouldn't die.
The black wispies form a coating over each pill and they pass right through Avery's system.
Careful Ave. You're gonna destroy someone's habitat with that.
But at least looking for tall things to leap off gives Avery something to do.
An angel? AN ANGEL!!!??? Like "someone who's moved on to a higher plane" angel?
@Biscuit: From "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer." the Abominable Snowman falls off a cliff, dragging Yukon Cornelius with him. They both survive because "Bumbles bounce!"
Owning a nightclub = boring monotony? I guess that's relative, huh?

Please let Avery be a bumble.
He's checking the roof for loose shingles. What else would he be doing?

It's going to be very difficult to read this comic with my hands over my eyes.
I do not see a happy outcome for this door.
Wait. Owen is talking to Richie and smiling?
@Quadrant: I love the idea that Richie has to suppress the occasional urge to poop on a statue.
"I won't push it."

Pushes it.
Avery just continues to stumble into a ménage à trois.
@WandaWalker: It's my roommate's reading nook now. Maybe I should get him an Easy Bake oven for it.